Saturday, April 26, 2008

Information Overload...

To bank or not to bank babys cord blood? To use BPA-free bottles or are others okay? Should I vaccinate? Will the vaccination give my babies autism? Do I use the bumper? Should I use the sleep positioners? I'm not this kind of person. I don't read things and freak out. I go with my gut but all of this information and the fact that the health of my babies may be at risk? And I'm responsible? AAAAAH!!!

There is too much to think about. Lets see, to bank or not to bank. About 1% of cord blood is actually used. So, following that, I'll probably never use it and can save a few thousand dollars. BUT what if I fall in that 1% and my baby needs it and I didn't bank it. Would I hate myself? Probably. Would I blame myself? Definately. Should I do it? I don't know....

BPA bottles. I have never seen someone not use a bottle because of this. At first I was thinking this is another way to freak people out and cause hysterics and I registered for The First Years "Breastflow" bottles and Avent bottles. I bought a pack of soothie bottles myself. So, why did I take them off my registry? Because I found out that by the end of this year, Babies R Us and Toys R Us will not sell a bottle that contains BPA. So do I buy bottles I know the store I bought them from is throwing them away? Do I use bottles for my babies that I know the store I got them from doesn't even want them in the store? I tried to read about it and ended up getting upset. Bottles labeled with a 7 at the bottom have the most leakage of chemicals in them. The soothie bottles I bought? All labeled with a 7. I'm breastfeeding but I'm also pumping and bottle feeding. I gave this decision to my dh. He can read and tell me whats best.

Vaccinations are needed. They are important. They will get them but what if? What if the information is correct? What if I do something and my babies get autism? Rediculous is what my head is saying. I had them all...but I got them at different stages of life. Now they do them all at once. I think with this issue, I will be reading about each vaccination and going through them one at a time and staggering them. Of course, I will go over this with a dr.

The bumper and the sleep postioner. I love the bumper. I want to use the postioner. I registered for two. Do I leave it in though? Should I use it? I can't decide. Best bet is I see what kind of sleeping babies I have. Are they like me and roll everywhere or are they like their father and still when they sleep. We'll see.

I feel like I needed to talk this out with myself to clear my head of all this. I need to think clear and levelheaded and not with fear.


Ariella said...

I think your level of worry is normal, although I don't think that will make you feel better.

I know you didn't ask for it but ONE of those issues I am HUGE on. AUTISM and shots. It is my personal belif that autism is both geniticly and envoirmentaly linked. I do belive that an excesses of shots in the first two years of life can INCREASE risk of Autism. And I think a diet high in Mercury also increases that risk. I plan on limmiting shots to one every two months for the first five years of life. My child WILL get all thier shots just at a diffrent interval. Oh and we plan on starting with the most important ones.

Patty H. said...

I don't know much about any of that, but I don't think it could hurt to bank the cord blood. If you don't ever need it, is there some kind of fee? What if you have other children and one of them need it? What if you know someone that might need it? I don't know really, but I would bank it just in case.

Good luck in your research. I would be handing stuff off to DH also, I can't deal with too much of that.

Happy Veggie said...

I would avoid the BPA bottles. All except Avent have already said that they will discontinue their bottles containing, as has nalgene, and cammelback, but big in the BPA world. There are really good alternatives, even in the year since my daughter was born. If you are looking for a good resource, google z recommends. That way you're not second guessing yourself later.