Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's almost time...

It's almost time for me to leave work and go on maternity. I don't think I will be returning to work and my wish is to stay home and raise my babies. This sounds great to me but as the date nears, I am getting panicky. I've finished all my work. My lesson plans are done until August 22nd and other than a few items to prepare, I'm done. I met someone that might be covering my room. Not replacing me (my assistant will replace me) but she replaces her and I don't like her. She's loud and annoying. Granted I don't have to work with her but I don't want the kids to have to be with her. It's not really anything I should worry about since I'm quitting but I do.

Also, I think I'm having feelings of uselessness. "What am I going to do before babies and after I stop working?" The obvious answer is get ready for babies. For some reason my head isn't wrapping around that. For the last 7 years I've woken up before 7, got ready and went to work. Worked a 9-10 hour day and came home. My life has revolved around my job for 7 years and now it's going away and I think I'll continue to feel this way until I go into labor and have my babies.

However, I am growing increasingly uncomfortable. My feet hurt and my back aches. I'm not as flexible. Tying shoes has become something I can't do anymore unless I sit on the floor and pull the foot to me but then I can't get up from the floor. I wake up when I roll over and that's a job in itself. I have 10 days left of work and my body is telling me that it's too much.

But in baby news, at my last appointment heartbeats were great and I'm measuring 34/35 weeks (i'm 27 weeks lol) so they are growing and so am I.


Patty H. said...

Wow! Is it a problem they measuring at 34 weeks? I can't even imagine how big they will measure next week! SO crazy. Maybe you could start getting stuff ready for a scrapbook or something, just to feel occupied until your girls come. Or you could shop-I know you're good at that!

Do what your body tells you, you shouldn't keep going in to work if you are feeling too tired (and if your babies are growing so much that you are feeling farther along than you are).


Kristen said...

You look great! I'm sure your body will THANK YOU after you stop working. You will probably look back on this blog entry after the girls arrive and probably ask yourself "where did that "waiting" time go?"