Sunday, August 29, 2010

Zoo sans Stroller

Katie on the duck

Our adorable little tour guide, Karly

Daddy and his girls

The girls were looking at the "guins".

Today we did the least to parents of twin toddlers. We went to the zoo and left the stroller in the car. We felt that we would be making a trip back to the car for the stroller but the girls hate sitting so much and they love to walk around so we went with it. We packed up our rarely used eddie bauer diaper backpack ( a gift to donald before the girls were born) and headed out.

The girls did so great. They didn't run off, they loved walking up to the attractions at free will, it was just great. They are really well behaved, which if anyone knows me, knew that I was ready to never take them out in public again.

They would run off, in opposite directions, laugh, lay on the floor, crawl around, run through ppls legs .. just awful. However, we continued to take them out, made constant apologies and it worked out. They were very well behaved.

Anyway, we walked around for 2.5 hours. It was hot so we took breaks (there were few toddler play areas between attractions) so they could have some running time and we sat and had a snack of water and animal crackers (what better, right?).

It was a great day. I forgot to add the pictures before typing so they were all up top, I hope you enjoyed. They are getting so big and of course I think they are beautiful.


Teri said...

where's the pic of Mama? Looks like you had a great time & I'm so glad to hear the girls were so well behaved :)

The Lane Family said...

What a FUN time you had and it sounds like it was quite and adventure!! I am impressed that they did so well with out a stroller. My kids would have had a melt down at some point and wanted a stroller ride back.....

Cassie said...

Great pictures!! My favorite is definitely the one of Karly with the map...two-year-olds mean business! LOL