Thursday, August 12, 2010

To teach or to pour coffee?

I was judged today by a Starbucks employee. She said "Do you work at the Daycare around the corner?" -- Lets start there. First, a Daycare is where you send your child when you have to work. The childcare providers play with your child and care for him/her until you are done working and you pick them up.

I have to spend my week writing lesson plans to match a curriculum that my boss provides. I have to teach letters, numbers, math, reading, writing and science. We go over transportation and community helpers, ocean and the ocean life. We explore Space-the planets, constellations and galaxies. I spend my nights surfing the web looking for idea after idea.

"Yes, I work at the Learning Center around the corner." "Can I go in and pick up an application?" "To apply for a job or to enroll your child into the center?" **scoff** "To enroll my child."

Umm.. You're judging me? I may not have some big shot job, but I teach children and you pour coffee. My coffee. Okay, vent over.


Christy said...

I sure can't blame you for that rant. I get close to ranting whenever people (especially random strangers) make comments about all the paid vacation that teachers get. Um, yeah, sure.

Cassie said...

Well yes, because obviously being a barista is so much more valuable than teaching the youth of America. *rolls eyes*

People like that drive me crazy. It is so hard for me to just let it go and move on, even though I know that's the adult thing to do. :)