Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beach Babies :)

We have had a terrific summer. We had a two week vacation in June and the rest of the weekends we've been at the beach. Every Sunday. New Jersey has its downs but an up is all you have to do is drive half an hour and you are at a beach. We drive a little farther to Seven Presidents and we have a blast. The girls didn't like it at first but I think you can see by todays pictures that they are definately starting to enjoy the beach. When we were unloading the car today, Karly yelled out "Beach! Beach!" It as too cute. Enjoy the pics.


Cassie said...

They are so sweet! I'm so jealous that you live so close to the ocean!

The Lane Family said...

Your girls are growing up and are so darn cute!!! I love their pink hats!!

We go up to Cheaspeake Bay a lot but we are excited to hit the "real Atlantic" in a few weeks since are going down to Virgina Beach and too Outer Banks it should be really fun!!!!

I have heard that the shores in Jersey are Awesome we might have to come and see one of these times!!