Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Katies Child-Study Team called and they wanted to schedule a meeting with us to start her transition into the public school system. A bus will come pick her up the town I work in (where she goes to DC) and bus her to the public school in our town then bus her back.

So for 3-4 hours I won't know where she is. She's my baby and she will of just turned 3. Then came the irrational fear that once she turns 3 and her therapy stops, she won't get the help she needs and she will fall behind again. UGH

The good news is I talked to her Occupational Therapist today and she said she didn't think she'd need additional therapy. She said that even though she showed regression last week she showed a lot more progress this week. She also said that she may need the speech therapy but being that she's only had 2 sessions in over a month, she thought that maybe once they got more consistent with her sessions, she would be doing much better.

So we turned down the offer to continue therapy in the public school and will end Early Intervention therapies in July. I hope this was the right decision. I want Katie to have every advantage possible in life, not spend it fighting to keep up.


Cassie said...

Oh, Tina. What a struggle. I'm sure you made the right decision -- you know Katie best, and a mother ALWAYS knows best. She's going to be better than fine -- she's going to be WONDERFUL. Big hugs to you!

The Lane Family said...

Tina, I am sure this is hard because when you work so hard to have kids and then they have challenges and then you know one of your daughters will ride a bus and be gone part of the day has got to be tough. I will say from experience the preschools are great and I hope things go okay.

You have AMAZING little girls and always remember that you as her mom know what will be best for Katie so you do what you think is best!!

By the way I LOVE the new picture at the top their little faces are so cute checking out their new Jesse dolls!!