Monday, February 21, 2011

Ramblings ..

My friend called me this morning and told me she needed to try the "Retail Therapy" I'm always telling her to do. When Don came home from work, she was outside waiting for me. I didn't do too bad. I bought 2 shirts and 2 bras and some unmentionables :). She said she felt better so my job is done.

My diet isn't going so well. I try but I'm not very good about dieting in the winter. I am still working out and dancing with the kids but if you aren't eating right, it isn't going to happen. I'm going to try to be strict this week.

We were going to get our new car today but the snow put a damper on our plans but I called the sales guy and he said he will let us use todays special for next weekend. He said he had several different versions of the car we wanted, we just had to come and pick it out. I hope no one goes and gets it before us. Right now it's between a silver one or a red one. The packages are different so we'll see what we want. The car is the 4 door sedan Ford Fiesta. It is so cute haha.

~ A quick update on Katie and Early Intervention~

Katie has been getting OT for a few weeks now and has been improving but at her last appt she showed regression. During this last session, she laid on the floor face down and wouldn't move. She wouldn't follow any oral directions. I went in and tried to get her to at least get off the floor and she started crying in my arms. I told her I wanted her to play with Ms. Isabel and she ran from me across the room screaming. I left and the OT took her back to her room. She has another session this Wednesday so we are hoping she will start showing progress again.

Her speech therapist saw her once and became ill and had to go on disability so we have another therapist but after one meeting with her, she went on vacation for two weeks, so Katie has had 2 speech sessions in over a month. The therapist did say she would make up some of the missed session with her doing 2 a week. Since Katie doesn't have issues saying words, we are going to work on some sounds that she is missing but the sounds aren't really age appropriate. We are more concerned with her ability to process what she's being told. Also, the therapist notices that she sticks her bottom jaw out so she will be unable to make sounds like the "F" sound as long as she does that. She said we should talk to a dentist


Cassie said...

Ahhh, good old retail therapy. I could certainly use some of that!

I'm sorry that it seems Katie's early intervention has been floundering, but I'm sure once everything gets back on track she's going to do great. That picture of them on the couch together is PRECIOUS.

The Lane Family said...

Retail therapy..always makes the day a little brighter :)

I love the picture of the two of them together on the couch it is adorable and I wish my girls would do that...but they prefer to push and shove, hit and bite when one gets to close to them :)

Hang in there with the therapy and use your "mom meter" to know what you need to do or change and to make sure that the therapy is helping not hindering :)

Patty said...

I had some retail therapy last weekend! It was fabulous!

I love the picture! So cute. I hope things start to look up for Katie!