Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spending the afternoon in bloggerville :)

My mom and the girls Video chat through yahoo. It's very cute. Karly is more into it than Katie is. I don't force it. She will join when she's ready.
We went today and we went during the girls naptime instead of doing what I usually do and that's plan the day around naptime. She passed out quickly about 3 on the way home. I do love that they still want and need their naptime. (not to mention mommy still LOVES that they take a nice long nap on the weekends :) )

Karly didn't make it through lunch. She ate her lunch and drank her "soda" (watered down ice tea, unsweetened) but at M&M time, she kind of gave up.
Both girls have colds. I'm curious to see how sick they get now that they've had the surgeries. Fingers crossed that it stays just a runny nose and cough. No. Fevers. Please.

Aside from playing "It Girl" and "Cityvill" on FB, I've been reading blogs and doing nothing. I think I pulled my hamstring so getting up makes me cringe. It really hurts and has for the last two days so while the girls are sleeping, I'm not doing anything.
We went to my friends birthday party last night and half way through she made an announcement: She's having another baby.
Don't get me wrong. I'm really happy for her. I know what a miracle each and every baby is and I appreciate that. However, I would love to mother another. Really, really would. I want another baby and I can't. It doesn't help that my cycle is crazy this month and I'm two weeks late. Donald asked me to take a pregnancy test and I did but seeing the stark white window where the line should of been was a little heartbreaking because I know there is no way I'll ever just get pregnant and say "guess what? I'm pregnant!" For me to have another baby it would cost $$$$$ we don't have and lots of needles and meds and drs appts and u/s's and early mornings driving for more tests ...
I know how blessed I am that I have my girls and I shouldn't be this way but I can't help the big green monster that tries to come out when I hear that someone is having a baby. I have two baby showers coming up and now hers. Three people that I see on a daily basis are having babies and it's hard. Okay vent over haha.


Anonymous said...

HUGS. I know what you mean. My life is so blessed, but I'll feel sad when I think about the fact that I'll never get to surprise my husband with a BFP.

I'm glad you have been getting to relax!

Cassie said...

I love the pictures of them sleeping! Andrew is starting to give up on his naps at home on the weekends, and I am really missing that space of free time I had. He's not really down with my idea about quiet time either, so.

Of course you are blessed that you have your girls, but that doesn't mean you can't also still feel sad once in a while. Big hugs to you, Tina! :)