Saturday, April 25, 2009

A beautiful weekend!

6:00 AM is the time that 2 girls decided to get up. I know, I know. I've been lucky they like to sleep til 7. I like to also remember the days they slept until 10 with mommy. Those days are gone and in it's place are two adorable, happy, silly little girls. They love to laugh and have a great time together. They do get into fights but don't all sisters?

8:15 AM is when I put them down for their naps. I walked in a little while later because I wasn't hearing much sleeping. What I found, were two silly girls, standing up in their cribs, laughing a playing with each other. They are now sound asleep.

9:00 AM is when I went into the bathroom and stepped on the scale while holding my breath. Everytime I stand on the scale, I go over what I ate the day before. Last night, Donald made me an ice cream cone with friendlys vanilla and fudge ice cream. It was soo good. I haven't had junk food in over a week. Everyday it's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Nothing in between. I don't crave anything in between (thanks phentermine) so I'm perfectly happy. Anyway, where was I, oh yeah..holding my breath and standing on the scale...

Holy Crap!! 8 pounds! I've lost 8 pounds. 8 pounds!! In 9 days, I've shed 8 pounds. It has to be okay because I'm eating normal (just no snacking). I have a bowl of cereal, something for lunch, then a regular dinner consisting of meats, veggies and starches. I haven't had a low calorie anything and the other day I had Arbys for lunch, yesterday it was a slice of pizza, not two like I usually have, but Pizza!

Original Goal = 43 pounds
New Goal = 35 pounds
Feeling very good.
I do, however, still feel like I'm cheating a bit. But oh well, sometimes ppl need help, right?


Kristen said...

Congrats on an eight pound weight loss this week! That is FABULOUS!

I can't get over how quickly the girls are growing up. They are so sweet! ;-)

Sorry I've been such a stranger!

Cassie said...

YAY!! That is SO AWESOME!!