Friday, April 3, 2009

A rainy afternoon..

Isn't spring wonderful? Yes, it does rain a lot but it's such a renewing process. I love the spring. It is my favorite season.

Baby Girls:
They girls are doing great. Karly is crawling around getting into everything, loves to throw tantrums but can really turn on the smiles and giggles when needed. There must be some 8 month wakeful period that nobody told me about because she doesn't want to sleep. Katie is doing great as well. She is starting to babble a lot. Doesn't want to crawl yet but loves to stand. She's even starting to pull herself up but I don't think she likes falling (Karly doesn't mind it, she just cries for a minute then does it again) and that holds her back I think. She loves playing with her toys and is just so sweet. She doesn't cry much. Usually when Karly is bothering her or gets her toy taken away or when she sees her bottle in the warmer.

I've decided to go back full time in the fall. I think I'm going back to my own classroom instead on assisting but I'm not sure yet. Either one is fine by me but I will only work the late hours if it's in my own classroom. If I'm an assistant, I want earlier hours.
What am I doing for childcare you may wonder? Well these were my options:
  1. My Center I work for. It would be 3/4 my salary but they would be with me all the time. I could see them at break time and any other time I had a minute.
  2. The Center around the corner from my house. It's 1/2 my salary, close to home and my husbands job so he would be picking them and they wouldn't have to go all day. If one of them gets sick or hurt, my MIL could go and check on them. It is literally a 2 minute walk.
  3. My MIL. My husband would take care of them before he went to work and after. They'd be with her about 4-7 hours/day. DH works 6 shorter days instead of 5 long days, so it would be great AND she doesn't want to get paid so its $0 from my paycheck.

Which one did I choose? Option 3. Why?

  1. Too much.
  2. Way to dirty. I couldn't see what person would send their child there. I felt like I needed a shower when I left.
  3. Well, best option. At least for this year.

I hear babies crying.


Cassie said...

First of all, I love your new header! The rabbit ears are A-DORABLE!!

Thanks for the update -- it sounds like the girls are doing great! I can't believe that the center you work for wouldn't give you some kind of a discount!?! Sounds like the MIL option is the best one for you. I hope it works better for you than it did for us (I'm sure your MIL is much more dependable than mine!

T-Mommy said...

Wow, those girls getting big... They are truly irresistible!

I am sure everything will work out with your new full time schedule. Changes are a challenge sometimes but the pieces start falling into place again before we even realize it ;)

Adriane said...

The daycare decision is so hard. I visited a couple that I would NEVER send my girls to. I mean, I would sell the house, live who-knows-where, to not have to put the girls there. So, I understand. :-) Glad your MIL can help out!