Sunday, April 19, 2009

I got a haircut!

1st picture is the before, 2nd the after :).

I'm so happy I finally did it. She didn't take as much off as I had originally wanted but she said that my hair had no damage and if she fixed what I didn't like about it, would I reconsider it. Well, you can't tell someone they have beautiful, soft, shiny hair then ask if you can fix it and have them say No, now can you. So I told her, if you can make it look good, I'll keep the length but I did ask her to trim it up a bit. So she did and I love it. Best $50 bucks ever spent..maybe lol.

Okay enough about that.

Things have been going well just very very busy. I don't know what I do with all my time. Lets visit various parts of my life:
  • Katherine. My little Katie has learned to crawl!! Shes also been sick so she hasn't been in the mood to do much of it. I took her to the dr this morning and they told me she has a virus. Last night she had a temp of 103 and yesterday is was 100.9-101.0. She is coughing/sneezing and seems to just feel yucky.
  • Karly. My little punkin head. She is as crazy as ever. She still loves to laugh and always has that beautiful smile on her face. She is learning to pull herself up and walk holding on to stuff. She is always ahead of herself and growing way to fast.
  • They are both trying new foods. I've started them on real solids starting with boiled vegetables (carrots and peas), bananas and cheerios. They also get yobaby yogurt and love it. They are really getting the hang of putting stuff in their mouth using their fingers.
  • Weight issues...
  • A huge cyst...

I've been trying to lose weight for the past few months and nothing has come of it. I don't lose anything. No matter what workout I do or if I eat or don't eat nothing. Then I started eating all the time. Not sure why it started but it did. But I wasn't eating for no reason, I always felt like I was starving. Like I hadn't eaten anything. My stomach would feel like it was growling and if I didn't eat something it would hurt. I asked the dr and he gave my Phentermine. I told him I didn't want a diet pill and he said it wasn't. He said it controls the part of the brain that wants to eat. Well I can tell you, it works. I don't feel the need to eat at all. I think it may be a stronger dose than I need but I make myself eat 3 times a day. I have a small breakfast, lunch and a healthy dinner. It's only been 3 days but I've already lost a pound. I feel like I'm cheating. Like I'm not earning the weight loss. I do need to use this time to learn to eat healthy. I can only take it for a month and that's it. It's not intended for long term use and it's a controlled substance and I usually prefer to stay away from those but I'm hoping that it will give me a boost in the right direction and I'll be able to soar with the weight loss goals at the end of the 30 days.

The cyst. There is a very large cyst in my pelvis. I guess it is abnormally large and is causing all the pain I've been feeling. I have a meeting with a dr this week to tell me what needs to be done about it. I'm so worried about surgery. This week the pain is almost unbearable in my back.


Patty H. said...

That's awful! I'm so sorry, I hope they can help you with all that pain.

I have never even considered taking a pill like that, I'm such a wuss. Good for you for doing what your doctor recommended and for eating healthy. Eating the right things is the hardest part for me.

Cassie said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about the cyst!

I love your hair, and I don't think you're cheating by taking the pill. And even if you are, well, who cares? You're losing weight! And that's awesome! :o)

Sorry about Katie's cold but glad to hear that she and Karly are doing so well otherwise.

Take care of yourself, ok? And keep us posted whenever you can!

Teri said...

Glad to hear an update from you Tina! The girls are growing up so fast! I'm sorry to hear about your cyst & the diet troubles, but it sounds like you are on a good path now! Keep us posted!