Monday, July 13, 2009

One year ago today..

One year ago today..I was ready to pop. I didn't go into labor though. We ended up having our scheduled c/s at 38 weeks and one day. Everyone told me how proud I should feel that I was able to carry them to term. All I wanted was them OUT.
We decided not to buy new cribs. Instead, we are using these portable cribs. They look like pack n plays but they are 20% smaller. We needed something for them to sleep when but they slept so well in them we just decided to keep them in there until we transition to toddler beds or they stop enjoying it. Whichever, we will do what needs to be done for their comfort. I was so heartbroken when they said the cribs would be destroyed.
You can see how small they are and yes, they sleep with blankets. They have since the day the were born. They won't sleep unless they have a blanket and they have two. One they lay on and one the sleep under. I think it's cute. Most of the time it ends up a big ball by their feet but they need to fall asleep.

Today was my husbands 38th birthday. We woke him up with gifts and then we went out to do girl stuff :). Their birthday is tomorrow and their party is Saturday. After work, we had a nice dinner off the grill and some ice cream cake.
Tomorrow, my girls turn 1. They've been with us a year. One beautiful year. How time does fly. These are my first and my last and I've enjoyed every moment but I feel like it was short. I just keep thinking that I have many, many more years with them. Bring it on! haha :)
Tomorrow we are taking the girls to the aquarium. It should be a fun day :).
Until Wednesday...


Cassie said...

Happy birthday to the baby girls!! I love the pictures of them in their new cribs -- so precious.

The Lane Family said...

Happy Birthday to your cute little girls. Kaylee still sleeps in a play and pack as well because she loves it and Avery..not so much so she is in a crib.