Friday, July 3, 2009

Pictures and stuff..

Karly took some steps today!!! We went to the park and she took 3 steps. I am thrilled!!!!!

Katie has a tooth! Finally! I didn't know if they were ever going to come in or not and she's doing well. A little cranky but well.

Today I found out that the cribs we bought, put together and had our babies sleep in for the last 11 months, were recalled due to suffocation issues. Yes, the crib can break apart and cause death. An 8-month old died in Texas and it's hard to think what could of happened and Thank God my girls are okay but I keep thinking of the poor family who bought this crib in the same faith we did and now their baby is gone.

We took them apart and are taking them back. The girls are now sleeping in pack n plays. If they do okay, we aren't planning on buying them another crib. We plan on switching to toddler beds when they start walking really well. When they understand mommy says stay in bed (hahahahahahahahahahahaha) or when I feel it's time to start.

The pictures below are just of Katie. Karly was cranky today and opted out of the photo taking. Hopefully I will lots of cute ones tomorrow so we will have lots to post. Katie was playing in the pool and there is water but just a tiny bit. Daddy put a little rip in it so the middle tube deflated and I wasn't going to fill up a pool I have to replace tomorrow. My little lady bug.....


Anonymous said...

Aw, such sweet pictures!
Horray for those milestones!
That's terrible about the cribs! Thank goodness you have found out!

Keri said...

Yea for steps! That's great. Your pictures are so cute, too!