Sunday, April 26, 2009

A beautiful Summer, er, Spring day :)

Today we had a fantastic family day.
We started off at the Jersey Shore Outlets. We bought the girls all new jammies, for the warmer weather, mommy got a new pair of sneakers (sketchers..very cute) and a bunch of new shirts (a size too small, of course) and daddy got a new pair of sneakers and mommy talked him into a pair of flipflops :).
Then while we were eating lunch, I had a nice chicken cobb salad :) Yummmmm, we started talking about beaches and how it's a nice beach day. So, I went to the information desk, got directions to the nearest nice beach (only 15 minutes away!) so we decided to do it.
We got there, found parking and walked to the beach with the girls. We held them instead of using the stroller. (how would a stroller work on the sand anyway?) We sat down in the sand the sat the girls in it. They loved it. We walked to the water and it was sooo cold but like bad parents, we dipped their feet in too. I can tell you, they got very P-Oed. So we brought them back to the beach and sat in the sand for awhile until we knew we had to head back. The mall is a little over an hour away from us and then the drive to the beach so we knew we had a drive ahead.
Anyway, it was a wonderful family day and made me look forward to so many more.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

A beautiful weekend!

6:00 AM is the time that 2 girls decided to get up. I know, I know. I've been lucky they like to sleep til 7. I like to also remember the days they slept until 10 with mommy. Those days are gone and in it's place are two adorable, happy, silly little girls. They love to laugh and have a great time together. They do get into fights but don't all sisters?

8:15 AM is when I put them down for their naps. I walked in a little while later because I wasn't hearing much sleeping. What I found, were two silly girls, standing up in their cribs, laughing a playing with each other. They are now sound asleep.

9:00 AM is when I went into the bathroom and stepped on the scale while holding my breath. Everytime I stand on the scale, I go over what I ate the day before. Last night, Donald made me an ice cream cone with friendlys vanilla and fudge ice cream. It was soo good. I haven't had junk food in over a week. Everyday it's Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner. Nothing in between. I don't crave anything in between (thanks phentermine) so I'm perfectly happy. Anyway, where was I, oh yeah..holding my breath and standing on the scale...

Holy Crap!! 8 pounds! I've lost 8 pounds. 8 pounds!! In 9 days, I've shed 8 pounds. It has to be okay because I'm eating normal (just no snacking). I have a bowl of cereal, something for lunch, then a regular dinner consisting of meats, veggies and starches. I haven't had a low calorie anything and the other day I had Arbys for lunch, yesterday it was a slice of pizza, not two like I usually have, but Pizza!

Original Goal = 43 pounds
New Goal = 35 pounds
Feeling very good.
I do, however, still feel like I'm cheating a bit. But oh well, sometimes ppl need help, right?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I got a haircut!

1st picture is the before, 2nd the after :).

I'm so happy I finally did it. She didn't take as much off as I had originally wanted but she said that my hair had no damage and if she fixed what I didn't like about it, would I reconsider it. Well, you can't tell someone they have beautiful, soft, shiny hair then ask if you can fix it and have them say No, now can you. So I told her, if you can make it look good, I'll keep the length but I did ask her to trim it up a bit. So she did and I love it. Best $50 bucks ever spent..maybe lol.

Okay enough about that.

Things have been going well just very very busy. I don't know what I do with all my time. Lets visit various parts of my life:
  • Katherine. My little Katie has learned to crawl!! Shes also been sick so she hasn't been in the mood to do much of it. I took her to the dr this morning and they told me she has a virus. Last night she had a temp of 103 and yesterday is was 100.9-101.0. She is coughing/sneezing and seems to just feel yucky.
  • Karly. My little punkin head. She is as crazy as ever. She still loves to laugh and always has that beautiful smile on her face. She is learning to pull herself up and walk holding on to stuff. She is always ahead of herself and growing way to fast.
  • They are both trying new foods. I've started them on real solids starting with boiled vegetables (carrots and peas), bananas and cheerios. They also get yobaby yogurt and love it. They are really getting the hang of putting stuff in their mouth using their fingers.
  • Weight issues...
  • A huge cyst...

I've been trying to lose weight for the past few months and nothing has come of it. I don't lose anything. No matter what workout I do or if I eat or don't eat nothing. Then I started eating all the time. Not sure why it started but it did. But I wasn't eating for no reason, I always felt like I was starving. Like I hadn't eaten anything. My stomach would feel like it was growling and if I didn't eat something it would hurt. I asked the dr and he gave my Phentermine. I told him I didn't want a diet pill and he said it wasn't. He said it controls the part of the brain that wants to eat. Well I can tell you, it works. I don't feel the need to eat at all. I think it may be a stronger dose than I need but I make myself eat 3 times a day. I have a small breakfast, lunch and a healthy dinner. It's only been 3 days but I've already lost a pound. I feel like I'm cheating. Like I'm not earning the weight loss. I do need to use this time to learn to eat healthy. I can only take it for a month and that's it. It's not intended for long term use and it's a controlled substance and I usually prefer to stay away from those but I'm hoping that it will give me a boost in the right direction and I'll be able to soar with the weight loss goals at the end of the 30 days.

The cyst. There is a very large cyst in my pelvis. I guess it is abnormally large and is causing all the pain I've been feeling. I have a meeting with a dr this week to tell me what needs to be done about it. I'm so worried about surgery. This week the pain is almost unbearable in my back.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I love being a mom. I knew I'd love being a mom but I love it even more than I ever imagined. I love walking into their room and seeing them smile at me. I love when I hear them saying "Mama" even if they don't *really* mean it yet. I love when they wake up in the middle of the night, okay so I don't exactly *love* waking up at 1am, reaching for me and when I pick them up the bury their faces in my neck and go back go sleep. I love the giggles, the smiles and hugs.
Of course, there are things I don't enjoy. The fighting they do, the tantrums. The screaming at bedtime. What I didn't consider is the fact that somehow a mother needs to take time to make sure she takes care of herself. I started out thinking that all I needed to do what to take care of them, keep them fed and happy. Not true.
Three weeks ago I started having pain. I ignored the pain. Wednesday it became so severe I had to go to the doctors and felt I was on the verge of going insane. My doctor said he thinks its my intestines. That I have a possible infection and treated it but sent me to have an u/s to make sure it's nothing else. I haven' taken the time to find another Gyno, so now I need to find one because today, at the u/s, they found an few items that need to be examined by a gyno. I still have fluid around my ovary, I still have pcos and I have what looks like another large cyst but my uterus is still very large and they couldn't get a good look at it. I am going for a CT scan in, oh crap, 2 minutes. I'm hoping it goes well and the radiololgist said that whatever it is probably benign but with a family history of uterine cancer, I'm alway nervous. Okay 1 minute...
I'm also dehydrated most of the time. I can never remember to drink something and I am doing so badly at my weight loss goal :(.
I've got to find an equal balance between kids and self. Any suggestions?

Friday, April 3, 2009

A rainy afternoon..

Isn't spring wonderful? Yes, it does rain a lot but it's such a renewing process. I love the spring. It is my favorite season.

Baby Girls:
They girls are doing great. Karly is crawling around getting into everything, loves to throw tantrums but can really turn on the smiles and giggles when needed. There must be some 8 month wakeful period that nobody told me about because she doesn't want to sleep. Katie is doing great as well. She is starting to babble a lot. Doesn't want to crawl yet but loves to stand. She's even starting to pull herself up but I don't think she likes falling (Karly doesn't mind it, she just cries for a minute then does it again) and that holds her back I think. She loves playing with her toys and is just so sweet. She doesn't cry much. Usually when Karly is bothering her or gets her toy taken away or when she sees her bottle in the warmer.

I've decided to go back full time in the fall. I think I'm going back to my own classroom instead on assisting but I'm not sure yet. Either one is fine by me but I will only work the late hours if it's in my own classroom. If I'm an assistant, I want earlier hours.
What am I doing for childcare you may wonder? Well these were my options:
  1. My Center I work for. It would be 3/4 my salary but they would be with me all the time. I could see them at break time and any other time I had a minute.
  2. The Center around the corner from my house. It's 1/2 my salary, close to home and my husbands job so he would be picking them and they wouldn't have to go all day. If one of them gets sick or hurt, my MIL could go and check on them. It is literally a 2 minute walk.
  3. My MIL. My husband would take care of them before he went to work and after. They'd be with her about 4-7 hours/day. DH works 6 shorter days instead of 5 long days, so it would be great AND she doesn't want to get paid so its $0 from my paycheck.

Which one did I choose? Option 3. Why?

  1. Too much.
  2. Way to dirty. I couldn't see what person would send their child there. I felt like I needed a shower when I left.
  3. Well, best option. At least for this year.

I hear babies crying.