Monday, January 17, 2011

"I'm a ballerina" ..

.. Katie said to me as she plopped down to play with her dinosaurs. Karly spent her entire morning caring for her babies and cooking in her kitchen. My babies are turning into little ladies faster than I care to admit.

Last night I sat down after they went to bed and put their pictures in order. Looking back at all the photos, 2.5 years worth, you realize that although you and everyone else say it time and time again, time really does fly. They turn 3 this year. 3!! That's just crazy.

Katherine starts OT on Wednesdays and we are still waiting to set up speech. She talks very well but there a few sounds she hasn't got right but we aren't worried about that. What we are going to work on is her inability to answer questions correctly and to process directions shes being given. Right now when we ask her a question, she'll repeat or just say yes or no and she gets nervous. When you ask her to do something like "Clean up Katie" she will stare at you and go do something else. However, when you say "Clean up Katie" as you clean up, she will start cleaning up. Every direction needs a hand signal or a gesture. You ask her to go get a diaper and she will go towards the diapers but stop and bring you something else instead. We have to follow her and keep her on task so she doesn't forget. They have a very positive outlook that she will be fine in July. If she still needs help, we will go through the school system to continue getting her the help she needs.


Patty said...

So cute! One of things that I always remembered when I was working with students was that when the little girls said anything about ballerinas, their teacher would talk about what strong athletes ballerinas were. They'd say "Ballerinas are so strong! They are always exercising. A ballerina is a lot stronger than me!" and I always thought that was such a good message--that ballerinas are not just pretty princesses but also very strong women. Sorry, just a tangent! Lol

Cassie said...

You are absolutely right -- time really does fly! They're turning into such fantastic little ladies, Tina! :)

The Lane Family said...

Tina, so true, so true it seems like just yesterday I was on bedrest trying to keep the girls inside and now they will be 3 in May..time really does fly!!!