Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm sick of sickness :(

Dec 21st - Karly is Dx with Ear Infection. Doc said it was viral so no treatments were given.
Dec 23rd- Karlys fever spikes. Doc gives antibiotic
Dec 25th- Karlys fever spikes again. Sent to ER, ruptured ear drum, shot given
Dec 26th- Another shot
Jan 3rd - Ear infection back. Antibiotics given.
Jan 10th- Ear looks better still red though.
Jan 14th- Karly sent home with 101 fever. Ear infection back. Antibiotics given.
Jan 24th- Karly sent home 103 fever. Visit to ENT. Bad ear infection. Adnoids very swollen.


ENT today said that Karlys ears are infected, she needs to remain on antibiotcs and she's having surgery to put tubes in her ears and having her adnoids removed. She can't breathe because they are so swollen.

AND because that's not enough to worry about..

Katie is having surgery to reinsert the tubes because her infection last month pushed them out.

Surgeries take place on Wednesday Feb 2nd. I'm worried and scared. Anethesia scares me and I worry about the girls being put under.

I know they will be fine. I know the Lord will watch over them and care for them and be their guardian.


The Lane Family said...

Tina I know how you feel I HATE putting my kids under ansthesia. Even if I know it is the best thing for them. We will keep your family in our prayers that all goes well.

Cassie said...

Will is getting tubes put in on Friday. I hate the thought of anesthesia, too. But I guess we just have to trust that the doctors know what's best for our little ones. Thinking of you.