Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring, Spring Please hurry up :)

Our area has gotten 56 ihnches of snow since Christmas and 38 inches just in January. I can't take anymore snow. I want to see green, take my kids to the park and just go for a walk.

I really have nothing to blog about but I'm watching the SAG awards and thought I'd stop in and read some blogs and blog a bit here.

The girls surgery is on Wednesday and guess what we are getting on Wednesday? Another winter storm. Their surgery cannot be postponed. We have to be there. Should be interesting.

Thsi is going to be a weird week for me. I'm going to have to juggle work and being a mom to two kids who will need me 24/7. I think I've figured it out. I'm going to work all day Monday and Tuesday, take off Wednesday and then work half days Thursday and Friday. Trying to be off of work to care for them and take them to all of their appointments and trying to keep my boss happy has proven to be difficult but you do what you have to do.

I didn't realize that Christian Bale had an accent .. Hmmm sounds good but I don't like his facial hair. He was good looking in Batman :) Donald just told me he's British .. I had no idea haha

Okay I really have nothing else to add.

Girls are still sick. Katie was sent home with a 103 fever on Friday (ear infection), Karly was seen as well while we were at the dr she has an ear infection as well. Both are on Omnicet? Katie had a fever all Friday and most of Saturday until it broke Saturday night. She is a cranky beast lol. She is being bossy and sassy and my oh my I hope she gets it out of her system before she is in her teens or we are in trouble lol. Karly is just hanging out. She's quiet at times then she's loud. You can tell she doesn't feel well.

I can't wait for my babies to recover and get back to normal.


Cassie said...

Ugh. I just want your girls to GET WELL already! I hate coming on here or reading on FB about how sick they've been. They deserve a break -- and so does their mama!

I'll be thinking about you guys on Wednesday -- praying that everything goes okay and that you make it there and back without any drama.

I'm so ready for spring, too! I'm SO READY to just go to the park and PLAY!

Patty said...

Poor babies! I hope the surgery helps them, Tina! Those sweet little girls are probably as tired of being sick as you are of them being sick. Lots of good thoughts for you guys!

And you're a better woman than me for dealing with the snow. I could NEVER live on the East coast, clearly. My 10 inches of snow/year is just fine by me.

The Lane Family said...

I hope the surgery helped and went well for the girls. Lets hope better day are in their future and a lot of less of the illness factor.

The Lane Family said...

Okay apparently I cannot read so well because the surgery is tomorrow and you are getting more snow...I would think enough is enough already for you..there needs to be a break in sight to say the least :)