Saturday, August 27, 2011


So I'm sitting in my bed, Katie is laying next me, Karly is on the other side and we're watching cars. My brother and his girlfriend are sleeping in the living room and I don't feel like making breakfast just yet.

Some thoughts. I can't believe my girls have finished their first year of "school". They learned so much. We taught them their colors, shapes, numbers and letters but they just learned so much more. Their social skills are very good, Katie's more than Karly's, but it's 100 times better than it was last August. They are just more aware of everything and they understand what goes on.

Next Tuesday, Sept 6th, they begin a new school year in a new bigger class. I got the teachers I asked for and I LOVE the assistant teacher. The new lead teacher is very good. Her lesson plans are out of the box and she pushes the kids to do more and learn more. My girls need that. They will also start a spanish class and I was thinking about adding Yoga but it would cost 150-300 to send the girls and that's a bit steep, so they probably won't. I've also thought about just sending Katie. I don't think that Karly would actually enjoy it at all. Karly is more of a quiet person and wouldn't enjoy that kind of activity but it's good for her so I would eventually her to join as well.

We had our first (and hopefully last) Earthquake. The news said it was a 5. 8 and they have no idea where the fault line was. All I know is that I was standing at the sink and I started to feel like I was going to faint. I looked at my assistant who was sitting down and she starts laughing at me. I say "I think I'm gonna faint" and she laughs and says "Nope, Look the room is moving". I look around and the blinds are swinging the walls are moving. When it was over, I felt like throwing up and my head hurt a lot. The phone lit up and I tried to walk but it was like I was drunk lol.

I can honestly say I was a little worried. We had no idea. Some people were talking about terroists attacks, some thought there was demolition. I text my husband and said "WTF is going on?" He didn't respond. I said "Hello?" and then "Babe!" He responded with "Earthquake, Virginina, 5.8" We spent the day laughing at ourselves. There was no damage and other than a book that fell off our shelf.

My work hours officially changed. I work 8-5 with the possibility of working until 5:30 because I have a new assistant and she needs to be trained. If she isn't any good, I'll have to stay to train her but I'm not looking forward to that, the overtime pay-yes, the extra half hour? No.

My new class is a tough one. I have a few with stranger anxiety, a few with parents who teach no discipline and a few with an attitude far beyond their years but you know what? It doesn't matter. I'm sure we'll be fine :) Right?

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Teri said...

I can't believe how big Katie & Karly have gotten! It seems like they were just being born! Actually I even remember you posting a question on the board back in the day because you had to go to a concert and you didn't know when to take your meds - and now they are BIG GIRLS! It just boggles my mind!