Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This blows big poo..

Can't vent about this anywhere so I'll do it here. Someone I work with, who has been out on maternity refuses to call and let us know if she's coming back or not soooo we have to make some changes. They hired someone to replace said person but she can't work where said person was supposed to work so the new person is working with me and the person that I'm supposed to work with and have for the last two days is going to work where said person was supposed to work.

I'm so annoyed. and frustrated. and upset. and just played ticked off. I have to start the year with TWO new teachers who have NO EXPERIENCE in the field other than babysitting. This job is nothing like babysitting and come September, when I have 14 crying children, I need a good assistant. Someone whos weathered a storm or two. UGH! Boss says I can shape her and teach her..blech!

On a positive note, working 23 hours the last two days has made for one cute cute room. Pics to come soon :)


The Lane Family said...

I think you have a right to be upset. You are helping to teach and develop our future and when you do not have the help you need it can and does affect how thing work out or don't work out. Hang in there!!

Your room will be amazing!!!

Cassie said...

Oh man, yes, that is DEFINITELY frustrating. But you are such a good teacher and care so much, I bet you really CAN whip her into shape! :) :) Can't wait to see the room!