Saturday, August 20, 2011

Where did the summer go?

This summer was so busy and full of fun things and it flew by. We took numerous trips to the beach, took the girls to their first 2 movies and of course our vacation.

In July we took the girls to see Cars 2 and Winnie the Pooh. They didn't care for Cars (neither did mommy or daddy). They did good during it though. I took them by myself to Winnie the Pooh and they did so well. They sat through the entire movie and we only had to do one potty break.

We also made a lot of trips to the water park and also just enjoyed our backyard.

Then there was the girls birthday party. I can't believe they turned 3. We had a nice backyard party with plenty of food and lots of water (and a little malibu). They wanted a Nemo party and I agreed to it before I realized that Nemo has been discontinued. I tried to change the girls' mind but they wanted no part of it. So I did what any mom would do, I scoured the internet and the dollar stores, the party stores, asked around and finally I went to Oriental Trading. If you've never been to their website or seen their magazines, you should.

We settled on a tropical fish theme and found a bunch of Clown Fish stuff. We filled the backyard with fish, fish decals, stuck fish stickers all over the blue tablecloths, it totally worked out and the girls had no idea it wasn't "Nemo".

They had over 500 water balloons, 3 tubs of water, a pool, water table and the hose. It was a great time.

We had a lot of fun as a family this year and I know next year we will have even more as the girls get older.


Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awesome 3rd birthday!

Cassie said...

It sounds like you had a truly awesome summer!!! :)