Sunday, January 30, 2011

Spring, Spring Please hurry up :)

Our area has gotten 56 ihnches of snow since Christmas and 38 inches just in January. I can't take anymore snow. I want to see green, take my kids to the park and just go for a walk.

I really have nothing to blog about but I'm watching the SAG awards and thought I'd stop in and read some blogs and blog a bit here.

The girls surgery is on Wednesday and guess what we are getting on Wednesday? Another winter storm. Their surgery cannot be postponed. We have to be there. Should be interesting.

Thsi is going to be a weird week for me. I'm going to have to juggle work and being a mom to two kids who will need me 24/7. I think I've figured it out. I'm going to work all day Monday and Tuesday, take off Wednesday and then work half days Thursday and Friday. Trying to be off of work to care for them and take them to all of their appointments and trying to keep my boss happy has proven to be difficult but you do what you have to do.

I didn't realize that Christian Bale had an accent .. Hmmm sounds good but I don't like his facial hair. He was good looking in Batman :) Donald just told me he's British .. I had no idea haha

Okay I really have nothing else to add.

Girls are still sick. Katie was sent home with a 103 fever on Friday (ear infection), Karly was seen as well while we were at the dr she has an ear infection as well. Both are on Omnicet? Katie had a fever all Friday and most of Saturday until it broke Saturday night. She is a cranky beast lol. She is being bossy and sassy and my oh my I hope she gets it out of her system before she is in her teens or we are in trouble lol. Karly is just hanging out. She's quiet at times then she's loud. You can tell she doesn't feel well.

I can't wait for my babies to recover and get back to normal.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm sick of sickness :(

Dec 21st - Karly is Dx with Ear Infection. Doc said it was viral so no treatments were given.
Dec 23rd- Karlys fever spikes. Doc gives antibiotic
Dec 25th- Karlys fever spikes again. Sent to ER, ruptured ear drum, shot given
Dec 26th- Another shot
Jan 3rd - Ear infection back. Antibiotics given.
Jan 10th- Ear looks better still red though.
Jan 14th- Karly sent home with 101 fever. Ear infection back. Antibiotics given.
Jan 24th- Karly sent home 103 fever. Visit to ENT. Bad ear infection. Adnoids very swollen.


ENT today said that Karlys ears are infected, she needs to remain on antibiotcs and she's having surgery to put tubes in her ears and having her adnoids removed. She can't breathe because they are so swollen.

AND because that's not enough to worry about..

Katie is having surgery to reinsert the tubes because her infection last month pushed them out.

Surgeries take place on Wednesday Feb 2nd. I'm worried and scared. Anethesia scares me and I worry about the girls being put under.

I know they will be fine. I know the Lord will watch over them and care for them and be their guardian.

Monday, January 17, 2011

"I'm a ballerina" ..

.. Katie said to me as she plopped down to play with her dinosaurs. Karly spent her entire morning caring for her babies and cooking in her kitchen. My babies are turning into little ladies faster than I care to admit.

Last night I sat down after they went to bed and put their pictures in order. Looking back at all the photos, 2.5 years worth, you realize that although you and everyone else say it time and time again, time really does fly. They turn 3 this year. 3!! That's just crazy.

Katherine starts OT on Wednesdays and we are still waiting to set up speech. She talks very well but there a few sounds she hasn't got right but we aren't worried about that. What we are going to work on is her inability to answer questions correctly and to process directions shes being given. Right now when we ask her a question, she'll repeat or just say yes or no and she gets nervous. When you ask her to do something like "Clean up Katie" she will stare at you and go do something else. However, when you say "Clean up Katie" as you clean up, she will start cleaning up. Every direction needs a hand signal or a gesture. You ask her to go get a diaper and she will go towards the diapers but stop and bring you something else instead. We have to follow her and keep her on task so she doesn't forget. They have a very positive outlook that she will be fine in July. If she still needs help, we will go through the school system to continue getting her the help she needs.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Okay :)

My problem about working out was finding the time, right?

Then I realized that I work with a bunch of energy balls and what do wonderfully active 2 year olds want to do? Move!

The light went toff. Why not have 2-1/2 hour moments where we just bust out to fun music? Well? Why not?


Parents love it and tease me with saying they are bringing in a video camera. I bring in shakers, streamers, rhythm sticks and we throw in some fun aerobic moves for them to follow. We march, jog in place, squats, jumpin jacks, high kicks, lunges and it's all to music. It is so much fun and watching them attempt or even do is funny. I have one that watches me intently then follows my every move. And at the end of my day, I've had an hour of cardio and the kids have had a lot of fun.

I know it's working because my legs are feeling it and I've lost a pound :) Yay!!


Girls got their first "report" from daycare. Katherine put her sister in a head lock and started smacking her in the head. When I talked to her about it, she grabbed me and said "I love you so much" I had to push her back and say 'I love you too but you don't hit your sister" Karly was walking around saying "Katherine hit me, Katherine hit me" ..

and the girls like peas :) LOVE peas haha

Hoping everyone is enjoying the first week of the New Year.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

So it's a New Year. As a rule I don't make resolutions, I don't make big plans for the New Year BUT this year I want to do several things.

I want to stop being the run down, always exhausted, naraotic person that I've become. Okay, so I may continue to be naraotic, it's just my nature but I want to let lose and enjoy what I have more.

I want to stop concentrating on those who obviously do not want me in their lives, which is evident by me trying to reach out and getting barely anything in return. There are a few.

I want to get back into shape. I LOVE working out. I LOVE aerobics. I LOVE all those fitness videos, weights, running, taking long walks and swimming. What I don't like is finding the time to do said things. I know some of my friends wake up at 530 in the morning and go for a 2 hour run. Then get ready for work. My day starts at 6:30 AM and ends at 9:30 PM. The girls are usually in bed by 8, then it's dishes, clean, prepare for the next day, make lunches and get ready for bed. I then sit on my butt and watch my favorite shws ( i have 4 ) and then its lights out. I need to find a way to fit it in and if it means getting up earlier, that's what I'm going to do.

I want to care about what I look like. I don't do my hair or makeup anymore. I used to never leave the house not looking my best but now I do the bare minimum. I want to lose the belly that I got during pregnancy. I want to get back to pre-pregnancy by June. That would be nice and it's only 17 pounds. Once I'm there, I'll make a new goal.

Those are my resolutions, we'll see if I get there. :)

Girls didn't make it to New Years last night. Karly fell asleep around 930 and Katie passed out around 1130. I went to bed with Karly and woke up just as Katie fell asleep.