Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I just wanna...

I just wanna cut the top of my head off. Just the part that is hurting. Just the part that started hurting last night and has continued steadily through the day. Just that part.

Holy Headaches!! I am feeling way more than I felt the last two times. My friend at work says maybe thats the reason it's going to work this time. I swear I am so moody. I just want to tell everyone that even slighty bothers me to F*ck OFF!! Seriously. Also, the area below my belly button is so freakin' sore from getting stabbed every freakin morning and night. I know I'm whinning. Ask me if I care? So tonight is night 2 of stims. I do another tomorrow night and then Thursday they'll tell me how many I got growing. If I make it through this without killing someone, it'll be a miracle. I just sooooo cranky. I yelled at my husband for buying the crappy kind of junk food. You know, the 'lightly salted' chips and the 'fat free' pretzels..What the hell and I supposed to do with those? I'll just eat my dried apricots.

K. Head still hurts. Think I'll lay down.

1 comment:

donnie said...

just for the record, the pretzels aren't Fat Free