Saturday, October 27, 2007


Tomorrow I go in and see how big my follicles are getting. I'm really excited about this. He said he hopes that they are between 11 and 12 mm. I'm good with that. My side has been pinchy and I'm a little tired but unsure if my sleepiness is because I woke up early or the meds. I'm guessing its because I woke up early.

Tonight I'm going to eastern state pen. The day has arrived and i'm super excited. Not so much excited to get home around 2 and back up at 7 to go to the dr, but i'll survive. Also tomorrow, I have to get my costume completed. I decided to make mine instead of buy it basically becaue i'm not sure when ER is and if it falls on wednesday, which i doubt it will, i won't be out 50 bucks.

Ive been told today that i'm fiesty. LOL. Hows that for a mood. I think it's funny.

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