Thursday, October 18, 2007

IVF update..

I love this picture. Had to add it to my blog today. Tonight is my first night birth control free. I am still doing the lupron and will continue for a few more weeks. I've lost a pound making my lupron weight gain only 3 pounds. The nightmares have stopped, thank goodness. I was wondering if they would. I usually get them when I'm starting a new cycle but I'm still a week away from that.
I'm excited to start but I'm afraid. I'm afraid to death that it will be cancelled before I get to try and I'm also afraid that I'll try and then it will be cancelled. All in all, I'm afraid it will be cancelled. I don't know what I will do if I make it to ER and then find out that I have embryo's. I can imagine it will be amazing and I'll be happy but then when we move into ET, I'll be nervous that the embryo's won't be able to find a comfy spot and settle in for the next 9 months. I find myself getting overwhelmed just thinking about it. Monday should be my first blood test.

Lets move on to another subject. Work. Work is good. Kids are good. I've been working long hours. 7:15 to 5. I've been sleepy.

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