Saturday, November 3, 2007

just an update of sorts

This is a photo from the magazine "New Jersey Monthly". My RE (fertility doctor) is the young one on the left. He was in the "108 Award winning physcians". He is a very good doctor and has showed patience when I've yelled at him, cried at him and even questioned his motives. Even when he called me at work and told me that he had to cancel my first IVF because of lack of response, I said "IUI isn't going to work so why bother" and hung up on him, only to call him back and schedule it a few hours later. But he was very nice to me when he saw me again. He even explained that he used to much Lupron, although he used the recommended amount for a woman with PCOS and explained that he would use less the next time.

Moving on, I am so uncomfortable. I am bloated, I feel like my bladder is filled to busting and when I try to go, I don't have to go. My back is aching and I'm tired. It hurts to sit, too tired to stand, just miserable. Thank God I only have the one ovary. Could you imagine if I had two?

IVF hasn't been a pleasent expierence so i'm glad it's coming to an end. My ET is set up for either Wed or Fri but we are thinking and hoping for Fri. We'll know on Monday when it's going to be.

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