Friday, November 9, 2007


IVF is officially over. I have two wonderful embryos hopefully attaching themselves and things are going to go great. We have named them Jellybean, who was a stage blast, score was a 4 B, RE said it was excellent and we have Eggbert, who is a little behind schedule but still very special to us. Eggberts score was 2 C. Scores range from 1-6, 6 being the best in size and A-D, A being the best quality or something like that. So my job is over. Now it's up to them. I have been trying to help them along. Today I ate a fifth of a pineapple core because it's to help with implantation. It was awful but I ate it. I will eat it for four more days. My tongue was sore for about an hour. I also spent a lot of time laying on my couch today hoping they get all snuggly. The other thing is the freakin shots in the ass. My butt is really really starting to hurt. I'm starting to dread doing it but it has to be done. I plan on relaxing and doing as little as possible for the weekend and doing hardly nothing at work as well. Just kidding, but I plan on taking it easy until the pregnancy test. Only nine more days!

These are not my photos but to give a little visual. This is kind of what 'Eggbert' (Right) looked like. This one was darker in the middle and a lot smaller.
"Jellybean" (left) was bigger and looked almost clear with no dark spots at all. Again, these aren't mine. I didn't get any photos but I wanted to share something.

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Ariella said...

My fingers are crossed for you! GL, keep eating the pineapple.