Sunday, November 4, 2007

We have eggies!!

Okay if nothing else happens, I made 5 eggs. They were able to retrieve 5 and I am beyond happy with that. I was so worried there would be follicles with no eggs. Tomorrow I will find out more.

The entire was procedure was amazing. I was put to sleep but the time the anethesiologist and the RE spent with me was assuring and comforting. My RE stayed in eye sight the whole time :). When I woke up, he was right there. I liked that he went right outside and informed my husband that he had gotten 5 and that I was recovering. It was just wonderful.

So now I'm sitting at home, getting ready to go to bed again. I'm extremely sore and taking tomorrow off. All is good.

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donnie said...

I love you and I'm very, very proud of everything you have done up until this point. I can't love you anymore than I already do at this point. You are amazing!!