Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nov 18th...9dp5dt

Okay so it's been 9 days since my transfer. My life has been a rollercoaster this last week. On Wednesday I had bleeding at work. More than spotting, just red bleeding. I went home and stayed on my couch all day Thursday and it has all stopped. Due to that, I decided to test. I tested Friday morning (at 1 AM) and it was postive. It was soooo light though. So I'm not reading anything into it. On Saturday, I tested again. The line was a little darker. I wish I could enjoy this but until I see an ultrasound, I don't think I'll be able too. I feel nauseaus a lot. All we can do is pray for good news tomorrow. I'm feeling very optimistic but a little pessimistic as well. "I think, therefore, I am."


The Hyperfertile Infertile said...

Where pregnancy is concerned, the quote should be "I think, there I am neurotic."

Good luck with the beta, can't wait to hear the strong numbers!

Ariella said...

Good Luck at your beta! I can't wait to see how high your numbers are.

Anonymous said...

SUPER good luck with your beta!!!! From the sounds of it things are going pretty well!

(you left a comment on my blog asking how I was feeling and I wanted to let you know that I feel great. I feel like I'm not even pg which is kind of scary at times but I'm only 4 weeks and some days so that's okay I think. I had some breast tenderness which has now subsided for the most part. The sleepiness did kick in over the weekend which makes everything seem a little more real. I do have an increase in CM which is kinda gross and forces me to wear a pad but hey, I'll take it!)

Seriously, BEST OF LUCK!

Helen said...

As they say in our clinic, a positive is a positive. Good luck with the beta, and enjoy the positive tests!