Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Drama Drama Drama...

Okay the drama at work is driving me nuts! I don't understand where it comes from. I go in, I do my job, barely talk to anyone and it finds me. I quietly do my job and now I'm "being taken advantage of" and I don't say anything about it and now it's drama. I didn't think I was being taken advantage of and I didn't care enough about the situation to open my mouth. Doesn't that scream "leave me out of it!"? Apparently not. Oh well I guess thats what you get when you work with a bunch of women.

ON to the good stuff!!!

My beautiful chubby babies and yes, don't judge me, she is chewing on her sock (that I just took off her foot). She was holding it and as I snapped the picture she shoved it in her mouth. Good hand-eye coordination right? hehe...Anyway here are my chuck a lunks. Not that I think they are chunky (they are actually still lightweights) but they are much more chunky than the little things I gave birth to.

Here is my baby Karly. Yes her shirt is wet. She spits up and drools like crazy. Hubby probably forgot the bib or it got really wet and he took it off. She loves this toy and I am just so happy she is holding it. I find lately, that they love to pick things up and put them to their mouth. They don't always put it in their mouth, sometimes (unless it's a sock) they just lick it. This toy makes music whenever it's moved so it plays alot. She is also rolling over. Not sure if I've blogged this yet. She rolled over a few weeks ago and I think it scared her so she doesn't do it unless she's really upset and I make her stay on her tummy until she does.....mean mommy :).

Katherine is rolling over too. It's almost impossible to get her to lay on her tummy now. It's so cute. She loves her horn. I love this photo because of the reflection of her little eye. She is actually watching tv. Probably Wonder Pets or Yo Gabba Gabba. We keep noggin on for the songs and noise (we use cds too) but she's started looking at the tv more so I may have to buy the music cds of the shows and play them. I love Laurie Berkner and she sings alot on Jacks big music show.

Oh how wonderful is that. Last night we slept from 830 pm to 6 am, got a bottle and slept from 630 am to 1030 am. It was soo nice and quiet this morning. Usually they are up about 830 or 9. They set their own bedtime. Now at 830, they get tired and cranky, so we just put them in bed and they fall asleep. That is until tonight. I put them in bed and they screamed and screamed and screamed. So I went in and got them, laid them on my bed and what happens? They look right at me and flash me the biggest "I've got you wrapped so tight around my finger, you ain't ever coming off". Sheesh..

Well I should be going to bed. Night all!


Cassie said...

Ugh, sorry about the drama at work. And OMG, look at those gorgeous little girls. I, too, love the picture of Katherine with her reflection in the toy. So, so sweet.

And I'm so happy to hear that they're sleeping through the night! Doesn't it feel great to actually get to SLEEP again?

Tracy said...

What a good update (except for the drama.) I'm glad the girls are doing well...

My twosome have started the licking thing lately, too. It's hilarious!!!

Patty H. said...

Not sure what exactly the drama is, but sorry to hear about it just the same!

I'm happy to hear such great updates on your little ones. They're so cute!

Tiffany said...

Im so sorry about the work drama! But the twins are so beautiful im sure that it makes everything else seem so much less important.

Happy Turkey day

The H's said...

tina!!! they are beautiful girls! congratulations. i really miss you and all the other girls on the nest, but i feel like i have no time to nest anymore. :( please give everyone my love. hopefully i can rejoin soon....i've missed SO MUCH!