Friday, November 14, 2008

Katherine and Karly turn 4 months!

I wanted to say "Thank You" to all the comments yesterday. It's nice to know there are shoulders out there to lean on and an ear to listen. Thanks again and big (((HUGS))) to you!
I love this photo :)
4 months today!!
Katherine Emily:
Katherine is smiling a lot more than she used to. Sometimes we even get a giggle out of her. She is also starting to hold on to her pony and doesn't drop it. She isn't really interested in chewing on anything but her hands and today, she found her foot and wouldn't let it go. She loves watching Yo Gabba Gabba with daddy in the evening. Her body just goes crazy when it comes and on. She laughs and kicks and waves her arms about. She hasn't really found her voice and when she babbles, it's kind of quiet, almost a whisper. She loves kisses and loves giving kisses. She now sleeps from 9:30 to about 5:30, then from 6 to 9. Lovin' it! She is also trying to sit up although she's no where near that. Tummy time is starting to be fun for her and she loves her solids. Cereal with bananas and applesauce.
Karly Elizabeth:
Karly has started to babble a lot. She squeals with excitement or yells when she's mad. She smiles almost non stop, giggles a lot and it's very loud. When she stares at you, you know she's trying to figure something out. Shes found her thumb and is very good at self soothing and putting herself back to sleep. Karly is starting to sleep through the night. She usually goes to sleep at 930 and wakes up about 7, eats then sleeps until 9ish. She loves grabbing toys, batting at them and loves staring at her feet. She loves her cereal, although she hasn't lost the tongue thrust yet so it's a bit difficult to feed her. She is losing it slowly though.
I may be missing a few things but there is an update on my 4 month old babies :).

My boss invited me to a jewelry party. She knows my current predicament and told me getting out with the girls and having some fun would be good for me. Shes had some bad life spells too (her dad died, hubby left her and the kids) so she said it's time for some things to go back to normal and to have some fun. So I guess I'll be going. My hubby will be taking care of the little ones.

I'm also going to the work christmas party. It's just us girls (that work at the center). There should be drinking and having lots of fun. I didn't enjoy it much last year because I was secretly pregnant and couldn't drink and was afraid to jump and dance around lol. I also wanted to avoid the "why aren't you drinking" question. This year should be more fun.

Last night, I took the first dose. It made me very sleepy. Of course, I don't notice any effect but that can take weeks. I'm jus surprised at how tired I am. Good thing I took it at night.


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to know your girls are doing are so well. They sound like such characters!

I'm sorry to hear, though, that you're not feeling great. I truly hope that you find your light again soon and these little angels can coax it out of you. Maybe you just need to be Tina again, not always Tina the Mom. I don't know. I just hope you feel better.


rachael said...

happy 4 months!

Cassie said...

Yay for your beautiful baby girls! It sounds like they're doing great! And I'm so glad to hear that you're going to get out and do things. Like Patty said, being just "Tina" for one evening will do wonders for your soul! Sending lots of good vibes your way! :o)