Saturday, June 28, 2008

A charmed life?

~~I've been complaining alot. No, no it's true :).

~~I don't have a lot money, I don't live in my own house and what I do live in is located upstairs from my in laws. However, I did lay in bed until 10 because I just didn't have the energy to get up. After getting up, I ate a bowl (a big bowl) of Lucky Charms and watched tv and thought about blogging. Bills are paid for the month, we still have money in the bank and my hubby will be home from work at 11 and we'll probably spend the day goofing off. Life really isn't as bad as my emotions make it out to be. I am very thankful for all that I have.

~~When I was working, I didn't think much about anything because work kept me so busy. Sure I'd get annoyed with things but over all I was happy. I think stopping working had an effect on me. I love what I do. I can't imagine doing anything else. Everytime I make up my mind to quit, I change it. It's not just a double income that I'll miss. The job is so rewarding.
When they start in September, most are two, some just turned and some are turning before October is over. They are in that phase were they need you so much. Where you are their provider until their mommies and daddies come back. They trust you, love you and need you. You get to show them all kinds of neat things. We paint with our feet, we play with glue..Oh is that how it works?. We make pizza's with playdoh and then cut it up. We have great music and you watch them learn that their little bodies are capable of dancing to this great music and the glee when they get more coordination to really groove. Then comes the time, usually about January, when they start realizing that they can use the potty in the bathroom, they can stay in the lines when coloring, they can put their own toys away and help each other. They don't want you hovering over them anymore but if you take to many steps away, you're called back pretty quick. April comes, most are potty trained. They want to get their own stuff from the fridge, their vocabulary is outstanding and love imitating you. They sit in "circle time" and "read' to each other. They hug each other, understand each other and just enjoy the day. Summer comes and they have all turned 3 or are about to and it's time to talk about when the summer is over. New teachers, new room, new friends. They are completely different than when they started a year ago. Have grown and learned so much. They are ready to leave you. It makes me sad but I know that the bond we created that year, will never break and year after year I see it. When I get passed in the hallway my old toddlers will leave the line, risking getting in trouble to come hug me. My age group is the best. I've worked with younger and older. It's not the same. Toddlers are the perfect age group. The hugs, cheek kisses and laughs are the best.

~~The best part of leaving my job though, is that I get to experience all of that and more with my girls. I still get to do all of that but with a much bigger reward. Trips to the zoo, playing in the park, making sidewalk drawings outside our door and playing in the pool. I think because of my last 10 years of shaping little minds, I'm ready for my own accomplishment. Getting to see the benefits from my own work instead of a parent coming up to me saying "You are just great. Yesterday, he wanted to speak to me so he said "excuse me". I loved it. Thank you Miss Tina." I get to actually see it in my girls. A friend called me the other day and said "Tina, you know about this stuff. What am I supposed to be doing with them now that they are older?" I just took myself to that place and gave her an hours worth of ideas. It got me so excited for my girls.
If I go back to work, someone else will be doing these things with my girls while I do these things with someone else's kids.

~~So It's back to quiting my job. A job that I have love and passion for. I still continue to go back once a week to make sure my kids know that I didn't abandon them, I just left to wait for my babies that are "coming in packages" as they say and that I'm still here. They know I can't do things like tie shoes, or hold them so they hug my leg. God Bless those little ones.

oops I just realized I was on a soapbox but those are the thoughts going through my head this morning. So, A charmed life? Yes I think so. I'm married to my best friend, someone I want to be with every second of everyday, someone I tell everything to. I'm doubly blessed with two beautiful girls that could arrive at anytime and I've had the pleasure of working somewhere that gave me enjoyment, love and more happiness than I've known.

~~michelle, if you have a blog, can you post the address in a comment so I can visit yours?~~
Same goes for everyone. If you don't see your blog in my 'reads' column please leave it for me, I read blogs everyday.


Michele said...


I don't have a blog. Although I was on bedrest for over 10 weeks, I never was able to master creating a blog.

I have a MYSPACE page, which is sparce. (search for it with my email address - Well, cause no one was reading it so I left it be.

Today is my shower (was I crazy at 31 weeks & 5 days to have a shower!) So I am off to the craziness of my fam and my hubbies nut farm of a family. HAHAHAHAHA


Sandi said...

My husband and I blog together at

I think all of that makes me feel blessed too. I'm not going to miss my job so much (I WILL miss the benefits), but these two little girls I'm baking, and the son I already have are well worth all the sacrifices.

Tracy said...

I love Lucky Charms, too! :)

You are lucky to have worked at a job you loved. And that you will be able to apply to your "new life."

MrsTSalazar said...


Im a lurker, and have been following your story. I cant wait to hear more about your girls!


Pickle's Parents said...

Hey Tina, I've been lurking on your blog too. I just think you're such a sweetheart. Our blog is boring but here it is: