Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Not much to update..

Here is a week 33 photo. The girls passed another BPP and today had their first non stress test, which they also passed. No contractions either. I have 4 weeks left and it seems like it's right there but it feels far off. I kind of want them out but I want them to stay in more. The heat has been unbearable and I've been laying about doing nothing for the last several days.
I made an appointment to have maternity photos made. I didn't think I would do them but I'm going to be 34 weeks and everything seems to be going well so I thought I'd just go. I'm actually kind of excited to get them. I started this blog thinking I had something to write about, but as it seems, I don't. Hope everyone is well :).


Tracy said...

You continue to look fantastic!!!! Thanks for sharing your photos. Fun!

Kristen said...

I am going to be gone for a I hope you have a fabulous 34th week and look forward to catching up with you and your blog on the 22nd! :-)