Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ramblings of someone supposed to be asleep..

It's almost midnight. Midnight I turn 34 weeks!!!!! My OB said I won't make it past 37 weeks, my Peri says 36 will be good. I'm going to shoot for July 9th, 3.5 weeks away. 24 Days. As I lay in bed and think about this, I start freaking out. In 2 or 3 weeks, I'm going to have something I've been dreaming about for almost 5 years. And, I'm not having one, I'm having two and that is something I never dreamed about but feel so incredibly lucky to have it.

This week has been kind of rough. I still haven't recieved any benefits for maternity. We're okay but I need to have something coming in to feel comfortable. After fighting with Aflac all week, they are finally sending me my first check. My boss still hasn't filled out the state STD so I haven't gotten that either.

Tonight we went to see the new Hulk movie. Not my style but it wasn't bad. As I was parking the car the check light came on. I called and made an appointment on tuesday for my car. Now, I'm getting ready for babies, I'm not bringing in any money and now my car (which I just paid off last oct) is going into the shop for the THIRD time since paying it off. What is upsetting me the most is Monday we have an appointment to have Maternity photos done. The car guy said we could still drive the car, but the place is about half an hour away from our house and even farther away from the dealership (closer to the hospital though) and if something happens to the car, it's going to be a pain. I really wanted to get them done. My dh had an eye appointment but it looks like we'll be at the dealership instead. It's bad timing but it could be worse.

Well I think I'm going to turn in for the night.

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Tracy said...

I hope everything is okay with your car...frustrating.

I'm having similar issues with my STD/LTD provider, UNUM. I have to fight with the constantly, and haven't gotten a check in over 3 weeks while they process more medical records (which they request every 3o days...HELLO, my situation still hasn't changed. I'm pregnant with twins, of AMA and high risk! Probably won't change until at least September...)

Sometimes it feels like a scam.