Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Good, the bad, the ugly...

Should I start with the ugly and end with the good? It seems like the way to go. That way we end on a good note.

The Ugly: My hormones. Yesterday, we took our car to the dealership to have some work done and the oil change. While we were waiting my husband suggested we walk to McDonalds and get some breakfast. I order the #3 with sausage instead of bacon. The order taker looks at me and says "Why don't you just order the sausage, egg and cheese buiscut." Immediatly pissed I replied "If there was one, I would of ordered it." She continued by pointing the the #4, an egg and sausage buiscut. Not exactly what I want. Angrily I replied "Whatevers easier for you sweetie." I didn't mean to get so snotty but she really upset me.

The Bad: My Mother In Law. A few days ago, my husband told me that she thinks the reason we aren't sharing the babies names is because I'm lying about them being both being girls. Huh? Today so continues with making a "joke" that she has made before. It upset me before, it really upset me today. She says "Tina, I have an idea. You leave the girls with me while you go to Missouri". Hormones don't help. I say "My family deserves to see the babies too." She doesn't get it or just doesn't care and says "Bring a picture." I walk out of the room, unable to be around her anymore and say "I'll leave you a picture." Her final words...."That's not very nice." What? This caused a huge fight with my husband for over half an hour because I was being "snappy" with him.

Okay the best part :)

The Good: My beautiful baby GIRLS. Today we had a lot of appointments. We had a growth scan, a Biophysical Profile and an OB appointment.

  • Baby A weighs 4lbs and 12oz. A perfect weight for how far along we are. Shes healthy, breathing, moving and getting enough nutrients from the umbilical cord.
  • Baby B weights 4lbs 9oz. A perfect weight for how far along we are. She's healthy, breathing, moving and getting enough nutrients from the umbilical cord.

It was great to see how big they are and I was relieved to know they are gaining weight on target.

The OB appointment was a bit scary. I was nervous about the pitting edema this week. One night my urine was orange and I've been getting headaches off and on a lot lately. I've been having stomach pain and have been feeling over all pretty bad. But when I checked my blood pressure at home, it was always ok. Today the nurse takes my blood pressure 3 times says "wow that is really high" and walks away. I stop her and ask her what it was. It is usually 102/70 or thereabouts. She says it is 142/88. She then leaves. I start to panic because all I can think of is toxemia (pre e). I know about it. It worries me. The dr comes in, reads my chart and you can tell he is really looking at it. Turns around and reaches for the blood pressure cuff. I tell him that my husband and I were fighting this morning and I think that is why it's high. He checks it, shakes his head and says "Your blood pressure is fine. It's 102/79. " So relieved.

He scheduled my C-section for July 14th!!

He says that I may not make it until then and that I might go into labor before that. I'm hoping I make it to July 9th. Anything after that is fine with me.

Then we took our first trip to Hooters. Interesting. Our waitress was pregnant. Food was pretty good though.


Ariella said...

I am sorry your MIL is being a pain.She sounds just awful with the comment about you leaving the girls with her and her not beliving they are both girls. I don't know if you and DH have had issues with herin the past but if so then it seems like high time your DH stood up for you and put his foot down with her. We have simmaler issues with my FIL so I understand how you feel.

I am glad youdon't have pre-e. That shit is scary.

PS. I would love the name of the book about relaxation.THANK YOU.

Tracy said...

Good for you for trying Hooters! :) We love the food there...not the healthiest, but it is yummy!

Glad all is well with your BP and with the girls.

My MIL is the same way...sometimes she says stuff that just astounds me. I'm getting better at blowing her off, but she still frustrates me often.

I'm not sure what the #3 is?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your MIL is a piece of work! I'm so sorry!

Congrats on your girls being so healthy! This is getting so exciting!