Sunday, June 29, 2008

A crazy dream and 36 weeks!

The other night, I had a dream. I was in a panic but it's kind of funny.

It's a little vague but here's what happened..

~~~~I was pregnant with twins (shock!) and was ready to give birth. My hubby and my RE were talking together but I didn't know what about. I went into labor and my RE came up to me and said "Since everything worked out so well the first time, as soon as these babies are born, we're going to put two more embryos in". I ran around in my dream begging everyone not to let that happen.

It was a weird dream, being that I didn't have any embryos left and how in the world or why in the world would anyone do two twin back to back pregnancies without a break? :) Maybe some would...I'm not one of them.


Today was a very hot muggy day, so that resulted in me not feeling very well. I've been crampy and have been going back and forth from the living room to the bedroom, taking naps and just laying down. If feels like the end is coming. I'm prepared to wait out the 9 days (which was my first scheduled day) and if I have to, the remaining 5 days until my new scheduled day but I must say, I don't see myself making it much longer. I'm offically 36 weeks pregnant and Monday starts week 37 and I'd really like to accomplish that. After that.....I'M DONE :)>


Anonymous said...

What a crazy dream!

You are so amazing to have made it this far, but I understand you are starting to feel ready to bust. I have always heard the last weeks go by so slow.

I am very excited to "meet" your girls! Less than a month at this point! Wow!

Tracy said...

Hooray for 36 weeks. I'm with way would I want to do a back-to-back of this deal. I'm so tired, and I'm 10 weeks behind you!

Hang in there...

NewsPhotoGirl said...

I remember how difficult it was to get comfortable at 36 weeks. I was so ready to have them! And it's cool here in Norther California so I didn't have to deal with with the hot weather on top of everything else.

Only a couple more weeks!

Adriane said...

That is a scary dream!!

36 weeks is great. Hope you are taking it easy. You're so right - the end is near!!