Saturday, September 27, 2008

A breath..

I'm a mommy. A very happy mommy with a few problems which I posted about BUT today was a great day. Here's what I did today:

  • Woke up at 9 with two beautiful babies sleeping next to me.
  • Got up around 9:15 because Karly woke up
  • Put Karly in her bouncer and moved it to the bathroom
  • Grabbed my bath stuff and took a shower.
  • Got clothes together for the three of us
  • Got myself dressed
  • Got bottles
  • Fed both babies at the same time :)
  • Gave babies a bath and dressed them
  • Put them in their carseats and went out
  • Had a long lunch with a friend at Chilis.
  • Got home at 2
  • Spent family time on bed
  • All of us fell asleep
  • Got up at 6 and made dinner
  • Fed Karly
  • Ate dinner
  • Fed Katie
  • Played
  • Read books
  • 8:30 Karly in bed
  • Currently Daddy and Katie are watching Larry the Cable guy and I'm posting

It was a very good day. Vacation is a week from today. I'm really looking foward to it.


Cassie said...

I'm sorry, I don't think I read anything clearly after "woke up at 9 with two sleeping babies beside me." I am SO JEALOUS you got to sleep until 9:00! Andrew goes off like an alarm at 6:45 every morning, weekends included. Sigh.

It sounds like you had a really fantastic day. You've got it so together!

Anonymous said...