Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have a minute..

Things are going very well. Yesterday I spend the day with a friend with twin boys. They turned 1 in January so they are older but it was still nice. She shared the "been there done that" advice and that is always helpful. It's easier to take someones advice when you see their children and see what has come of that and her kids are just adorable. Not just appearance wise but in behavior. It was a nice drive up to her house too. She lives in the "mountains" of NJ. No traffic jams, no crowds of people, just peace and quiet.

In two weeks we are leaving to go home! Home is where the heart is and although my heart is here with my family, "home" is Missouri. I love it there. I'm so relaxed and happy when I'm there. This will be my babies first trip to the state they will eventually call their home as well. I'm a little worried about the 1100 mile one way trip but we make the trip every year and it's pretty easy. Last year was a little difficult because we had a flat tire at 7 at night. Not many places open then. We had AAA so we called them and they came in an hour and a half to change our tire. Yeah, we are pretty useless. It was pretty scary too. It was at a rest stop somewhere in PA. Once we put the donut on we had to drive 30 miles at 50mph to get to the nearest town. Once there, the truckstop couldn't change our tire because they were so backed up. We finally found a place that was closing and they said they would reopen and fix our tire. We got to a hotel in WV at 100 am, woke up the following morning with a flat tire again. What we didn't realize is God was on our side and the hotel we had stopped at was in front of a walmart with a tire department! We wobbled our way to walmart, bought a new tire, checked the others and headed on our way. We made good time too.

I'm hoping this trip is nowhere near that exciting. I'd go for a plain boring trip this year.

In baby news:

I had to remove the bumper from the cribs. Katherine showed me that if she balls herself up, she can roll into the bumper. Karly showed me she can use her feet to scootch over to the bumper and stick her face in it. We now have the breathable bumper because it's becoming obvious that the girls like to be against the slats. Weird children.

They have become a lot more vocal and Karly is so animated. Her face expressions crack me up. Katherine is so serious. She smiles a lot though. She talks a bit but mostly she just likes to look around. Both babies are beautiful and fill my life with more than I could of ever hoped for.


Valerie said...

So cute!! My son likes to smoosh his face up against stuff too so out came the bumpers.

Mandy said...

they are so CUTE!! Glad to hear everything is going well.

edie & ella said...

Hi there... I just found your blog!!! Your girls are so darn adorable!!! SAM

Patty H. said...

Aw, the new pictures are great!
Hopefully soon I will be able to remember who is who!

That sounds like a crazy trip! Are you guys set on driving? I would think flying might be easier, but probably more expensive and what do I really know about babies?
Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures!

Cassie said...

I want. To pinch. Their cheeks.

I am new to your blog, but I have to say I just love hearing about your experiences and your girls.

Good luck on the trip to Missouri. I can't imagine driving that far with my one baby, let alone two! I'm sure it will be fine, though; you seem to have things very much under control with the girls :o).

T-Mommy said...

Look at the girls, it is amazing how much they have changed in such a short time!

They are extremely CUTE!

Teri said...

I didn't realize you were planning on moving someday - anytime soon? Is that where you grew up? I hope you have a nice (uneventful) trip with the girls.