Wednesday, September 10, 2008


For the last three weeks, I've been thinking my babies had a cold. "Allergies" the first two pedis told me. I went to a third and that's not really the case. I took the girls back to the doctor on Monday because there "Allergies" were getting worse and I started thinking (by reading post from other ladies on the nest) that my babies have very similar symptoms but their babies had reflux.

On Monday, I told the dr that they were gassy, cried a lot, seemed very uncomfortable and that Karly was spitting up almost everything we put in her. She also started crying a lot and that's not really her demeanor. Katie has always been a very fussy baby.

She decided to put them on Nutrimugen. It's 27$ for a small can and we go through a can every 1.5 days. I was shocked to see how much they charge for baby food. I guess if babies need it, they can charge what they want knowing that parents have to pay it.

Anyway, it smells awful and it's basically just water. The girls hated it. They would drink an ounce and smack the bottle out of their mouths, then cry that they were hungry. We were giving them gas drops and gripe water. Karly started spitting up everything. Katherine was more fussy and neither were sleeping but 5 minutes at a time. It was awful.

Last night I called the pedi and we talked for a little bit. We decided to switch to Similac Sensitive and pedialyte. My dh made a store run and I sat hoping the this formula didn't cost even more the the other.

We gave Karly the Pedialyte for the first three feedings to hydrate her (just in case she was spitting up more than keeping down). If she spit it up, we were supposed to take her to the ER. She kept it down! Didn't spit up anything. They slept from 10pm to 230 then got up at ate. Karly woke up again at 4 then slept til 9. Katie ate at 2 and 6. I must say that everything is much better and they are both napping as I type :).


Tracy said...

Glad they are feeling better! What a relief, eh?

Patty H. said...

Gosh, that must have been so frustrating and scary at the same time! I'm happy to hear the beauties are getting their rest now :)