Sunday, September 14, 2008

A visit to the park/2 months old!

Today we went to the waterfront. We ordered food from Houlihans, got the girls a nice cold bottle of milk and took a walk to find a nice grassy area. Katherine loved sitting in the stroller without the carrier. We have never done this. I probably won't for a long time.

Daddy and Karly. If you look closely, she is staring right at the camera and smiling. I think the look on her face is adorable. The weather was very muggy but there was a nice breeze in the shade.

This is mommy and girls. She failed to remember to fix her hair before we left, so she went as is. Good thing we were alone in the park. I don't mind because we had a great time. I love how Katherine is looking at the sky and Karly has this cute pudgy face on.

OH, last night, Karly found her thumb! It was so cute :). She still prefers the paci though.

Today is the girls 2 month birthday. They have been doing very well. Heres a run down of our day:
  • Wake at 6:00, get in bed with mommy and sleep until 9.
  • Eat bottle, get diaper changes, wash up and get dressed for the day
  • We sit in our boppys while mommy makes the bed, washes bottles and grabs a slimfast.
  • Mommy tries to take us for a walk.
  • Naptime, maybe from 11-2 (most of the time we fall asleep on our walk)
  • At 2 or around there we get another bottle and play with mommy
  • Daddy gets home around 3 and we play with daddy while mommy takes a shower or nests.
  • At 6, we are screaming for a bottle because mommy made us wait half an hour for it. It's probably because we cry from 6 on whether we are hungry or not. I think she's figured that if she makes up wait, we won't cry during their dinner. She was right.
  • At 8, we get a bath, story and cuddle time but if they try to put us to bed, we cry.
  • At 10 we get another bottle and mommy makes us go to bed. She puts us in her bed, shuts off the lights, turns on the tv and lets us cry while she rocks us until we sleep. It takes about an hour. Sometimes mommy looks a little frustrated with us.
  • We sleep until 330 or 4 and wake them up for a bottle and then sleep until 6.

Then it starts all over again.


Patty H. said...

Oh wow, they are getting so big and beautiful! It looks like they had a great time, yay! Your day sounds hectic, but I know you're doing a great job!

Adriane said...

Your girls are just beautiful!!!

Cassie said...

What beautiful, healthy little girls!

Teri said...

The girls are adorable, Tina! It's great that you have a schedule for them! :)