Friday, May 23, 2008

Almost 31 weeks..

48 freakin' days to go. Wow! It doesn't seem like a long time. In fact, it's right there. BUT, I'm starting to feel miserable. Yesterday I went shopping for the babies. We went to babies r us to return some items and then we bought some things we needed. The items we returned added up to $156.00. We bought bottles (the drop in kind), extra nipples, pacis, sleepsacks, hangers and a very cute diaper bag and then we stopped because at home we still have cash that someone gave us for the babies and gift cards so when our registry closes and we get a coupon we will have $220 to finish getting what we need. So anyway, I went to babies r us, toys r us (just to look), IHOP (to eat), FedEx, AT&T, and then to Walmart. I was so miserable at walmart I couldn't remember what I went there for. We ended up forgetting everything. Once I got home the misery started. I couldn't get comfy, couldn't relax, was so freaking exhausted I couldn't stand it. And at some point I thought, Can't I give birth now? It's amazing what a good night's rest can do because I'm not ready to have these babies yet :). I'm not feeling to good this morning either. I'm sick to my stomach and I think i'm going back to bed. On the bright side, I'm waiting for my BRU coupon to come. Yesterday, I called headquarters, lol, and I explained to her that although my original due date is July 27th, the dr said they won't make it past July 9th, if that far. I said that since we are having twins, I'd like to get as much stuff as possible and was it possible for my to close the registry and get my coupon earlier. She was very nice and changed my due date to June5th which would mean the coupon would get here around the 3rd of june so I could quickly get the last remaining purchases and be ready for baby. We started chatting and I said that the 10% would help, expecially since we are having two and she "Does your registry say you are having two?" I said yes and she said I should recieve a coupon of 10% for each baby and if it didn't come, then call to get the second one. Cool! We about $250.00 worth of stuff to purchase still and that doesn't count the breastpump. So excited!


Patty H. said...

Wow-what a savings! That's wonderful, and a great policy they have since twins are so much more expensive.

Congrats on making it so far! You're just around the corner from the big day-how exciting! I'll be keeping fingers crossed for you!

Oh, and sorry you feel so miserable. I can't even imagine. You could bully DH into giving you a backrub? :)

Tracy said...

Sorry to hear you are so miserable!!! I guess it's a sign that you need to take it easy. You're doing so well, and are definitely in the home stretch!

Glad to get some info on BRU, too. I've been wondering how that would work out.