Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not a good day....

So this morning, the fridge breaks, milk is spoiled I eat some toast, fight with dh and I don't say bye to him when he leaves for work.

10:00 call dr office tell them I'm still cramping and unsure what it is. They tell me to come in. I leave for appointment, dh wants to come. Realize halfway there I forgot my insurance card. Get there they can't find heartbeats. Did an FFN, sent me and FFN to hospital.

12:00 At hospital. Hooked up to monitors. The run FFN test. Babies hearts beating beautifully. No contractions. Still cramping. Urine showed some traces of blood. Possible UTI. Running urine to lab. 1:00 told dr was in surgery but would be in in about an hour. 3:00 getting ansy..still no dr. No contractions but still hurting/cramping. Very uncomfortable being on my back for so long. Starving because I still only had toast and getting quiet cranky. 3:30, lost heartbeats. Found again, but can't get a lock on them. Assumed they were fine. 4:00 yelled at nurse about dr still not being there. Still hungry, still cramping, backside getting numb from being stuck on it. Very cranky. Dr comes in around 5ish. Does an internal says he feels something like a head trying to push her way through. Baby A is stretching cervix but being the cervix is closed and long, FFN is negitive and I'm not having contractions all is fine and I can go home.

Home, Killer headache and ready for bed. Tomorrow I am scheduled for a prenatal massage! I can't wait :)


Patty H. said...

Holy crap! I stopped breathing when you said they couldn't find the heartbeats! Could they not find the heartbeats because baby a was stretching? My goodness, I'm glad everything seems to be okay, but you two will be in my thoughts none the less!


donnie said...

I Love you and my girls and I'm glad things worked out in the end...I'm also glad I didn't spend the rest of the day in jail for strangling the registry lady. Telling her to give you the paper so YOU can call the office and give them the same info that was on the paper was classic honey, I love it when you use your powers for evil ;)