Saturday, July 12, 2008

37 weeks and 6 days...

I have to admit....I'm ready to have these babies.

Last May (as I was embarking on my first IVF) my hubby and I had chinese food. It's a ritual that when we are done, we crack open a cookie and read the silly fortune inside. Well, last May, he opened his and read it, we giggled and discussed what it would mean, then I cracked mine open and after reading it, I wanted to cry. It read:

"If you want the Rainbow, You have to suffer the Rain"
At the time, I didn't know how much rain we were going to get. We got a lot but now I'm enjoying my rainbow :).
Cheesy, I know, but still.


Tracy said...

Looking good!!!!!!! You've done so well...only one more day!

Sandi said...

Good luck to you, Sugar. Looking forward to photos of the munchkins!

David said...