Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new post :)

Having a baby (or more) really takes any posting time away :).

Lets start by saying that becoming a mommy is even better than I could of imagined. I love motherhood and everything it entails. In the last week and a half, I've been peed on, pooped on and vomited on. I'm feeling run down but only because I'm so eager to do for my babies that I'm ignoring my own needs, and I think I'm coming down with something. Today I'm feverish, sleepy and achy. I'm starting antibiotics tonight to make sure that there is nothing brewing.

Now onto the babies :)

Katherine Emily (Katie). We named her after my grandma and my mother in law. She is a beautiful, alert baby. She doesn't cry much but she does this squeaky thing that has earned her the nickname "Squeaky". She shows a lot of expressions through her eyes and looks like my dh. Of course, her eyes are blue so I won't know the true color for sometime. She's our little princess. A definate daddy's girl.

Karly Elizabeth. We named her after her daddy. She's a lot smaller, so mommy holds her a lot. Daddy's afraid he might hurt her. She is more of mommy's baby because of that, although they are both very much mine. She likes to curl under my chin and pull her body up. We call her "Turtle". She is very alert during the middle of the day/evening but sleepy the rest of the time. She is going to be out tomboy. She doesn't like any of the cute things mommy tried to put her in. She is a crier if she wants to cuddle or her paci and it isn't happening.

Over all, we are very happy. Daddy is doing a wonderful job. Today I had to run to the dr for an emergency with my incision and he stayed with them. When I came back, all three were sane, Karly was sleepy and Katie was eating. It was so never racking leaving them and I cried leaving the house. Daddy also gets up during the night when they cry. They get up to eat around 1 and again at 5, then sometime in the morning (9-11) they get up for the rest of the day (with catnaps). Things are very good.


Teri said...

Tina - they are so adorable & Katherine definitely looks like you! She's got your eyes :) What a beautiful family!

T-Mommy said...

Oh Tina!!!
They are GORGEOUS!!!... and look so huggable!

I am so, so, so very happy that everything is going OK because the very best is yet to come!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you two! They look so precious and I am sure you guys are doing great!

Love the names. I hope your MIL was happy that she is named for her.