Sunday, February 15, 2009

1 day to go...

Remember when life was simple :)
Okay so I woke up this morning +1 which means I need to lose 43 pounds starting Monday. I know it's alot of water weight. I hate water weight. How else would I gain a whole pound in 1 day?!
So tomorrow morning I will weigh myself and go from there. Who knows, maybe it will be 44 pounds tomorrow :(. Then I plan to weigh myself every monday. (I'm a crazy scale person. I weigh myself several times a day)
Today I had very very very low self esteem. I felt so bad about myself. I felt ugly (probably because I woke up with 4 pimples on my chin). Fat fat fat!! I felt awful about myself and while we were walking around the mall my pants and undies kept falling, so I had to keep pulling them up. How embarrassing. Hubby noticed something not right with my mood but what do I say. "Oh, I'm just ugly and fat and my clothes are falling?" I said nothing.
Today we spent the day out. For breakfast, I made up eggs, a slice of ham and toast w/ a cheese slice. (I need to switch to wheat bread). For lunch, like I said we went to Cracker Barrel and I had Chicken fried chicken, pinto beans, carrots and mashed Ps. BUT I didn't finish anything but the carrots :D! I purposely had the woman take my plate before I could down the whole thing but boy was it YUMMY! For dinner, I had a plate of spaghetti.
Okay I'm off to bed. I have the day off tomorrow and we are staying home :). Yay!


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling :( But you're not ugly, you're a beautiful strong mother of 2 and wife to a man who loves you.

We all have days like this. I predict mine will be coming in the next few days, seeing how I am almost out of the pink pills, lol.

Tracy said...

Oh my goodness! SOOOO adorable!