Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I totally forgot to post sunday and monday night :).

Diet news:

I weighed myself this morning to find out I am -2 pounds now. I was pretty happy with that. I don't get to excited until it's more than 5 pounds because it always goes up and down. I really really really want the weather to warm up a bit so I can go walking. I used to walk 2 miles everymorning and I miss that. They just built this really nice walking/running track down the hill from my house by the waterfront and I can't wait to go wear it out. I don't remember what I ate on sunday but here's what i had yesterday.

Breakfast: cheerios/banana (wow no eggs or oatmeal? lol)

Lunch: Smart ones Lasagna

Dinner: Egg noodles and meatloaf with red sauce

Snacks: Peanuts, peanuts and peanuts. Oh I also had a piece of v day choc and some fruit snacks :)

Liquids: Water, Milk

Girlie news:

Karly has her second tooth!! Katie isn't even teething :(. Her daddy didn't get teeth until he was 11 months old so I'm guessing she's going to be the same. Karly is becoming more mobile and is getting into everything! You really can't turn your back on her for a second.

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