Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 2 -1, 42lbs to go :)

I know it's just water weight and my weight fluctuates so much but I'll take it :)

For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal and since I had to brown sugar, I had to use 2 teaspoons of regular sugar w/ a little fat free milk. If anyone knows a yummy way to eat oatmeal without sugar, let me know :). I also had 2 slices of wheat toast with smart balance butter and a glass of fat free milk.

For lunch, I had a cobb salad..yum-o and a side of fish..ick, and a glass of water. Kind of a "throw whatever together" lunch.

For dinner I had London Broil (one of the only few red meats I'll eat) string beans and mac n cheese (!). Everything in moderation ;).

Dh and I are both sick :( but I managed to do 15 minutes of Cardio and some target ab stuff. I had to stop the cardio because my chest was burning and I couldn't breathe ( I have asthma and a chest cold). I'll try to stick to 15 minutes and up it as I feel better.

Then I took a walk to the Library with the girls and then I walked to his work, then home. a good hour of walking. So I think I got in enough physcial activity. Top it off, I went to work and I work with small children so there's not much sitting around there.


Cassie said...

It sounds like you're doing so great!! I am intrigued that you put sugar in your oatmeal, because I've never done that. I always just use cinnamon and it's delicious!

Valerie said...

Keep up the good work! For oatmeal I just eat the low sugar kind. If I have to add brown sugar I always add too much. It's too tempting.

Teri said...

Great job on your physical activity!!

As for the oatmeal, have you ever tried adding sugar free apple butter or applesauce? Both are awesome in oatmeal!

Patty H. said...

Good for you, you're making healthy choices!

Oatmeal with cinnamon is good. Or you can add applesauce or pumpkin butter. Or, cut up fresh fruit provides only natural sugars and tastes great.