Friday, February 27, 2009

Okay so it's been a few days..

Tracy...I want to read your blog :( I miss the wonder twins...

Dearest Katherine Emily,
You are such a beautiful child. You feel my heart with so much love. You are so quiet and peaceful. Daddy wants you to say "Dada" so bad. I've heard you say "Mama" once, but I'm okay with that. Today, you almost fell off the bed. You became mobile in a matter of moments :). Today I also learned that you don't like mommy leaving the room without and that I'm not allowed to blowdry my hair unless I'm holding you. You are so beautiful and I love you so much.

Dearest Karly Elizabeth,

You are one silly baby. You love to laugh, act goofy and wiggle everywhere. You say all kinds of stuff and you love to "sing". By sing, I mean scream at the top of your lungs and laugh. People think you are crying but we have to say "No, she's just singing". They actually have to look at you to make sure. You haven't been feeling yourself though. You are getting your second bottom tooth and it's making you very cranky. I love you though. You are the cutest thing ever.

Diet News:

Okay so exercising is not going well BUT I have been getting some walking in. I walked around walmart (fast, not slow) and I do some dancing with the kids in class and I went for a walk to the park today with the girls. I loved it. Weigh in is on tuesday so we'll see what happens..anyway here's what I had today

Breakfast: raisin bran, fat free milk

Snack: peanuts

Lunch: chinese food (ick...not good) pork friend rice

Snack: peanuts

Dinner: White Castle (double ick) but I only had 3 burgers and like 4 fries ;)

Snack: 1 powdered doughnut and milk (I know I know)

so I guess it's safe to say that I totally blew my diet today. If it makes you feel better, I feel kind of like throwing up. 2 weeks without crap can make a tummy sensitive to it :).

Night all :)


Tracy said...

Hi Tina! email me at tvo1991atcharterdotnet and I'll get you on "the list"!

Your girls are ADORABLE! They are getting SO big!

Cassie said...

I love your little notes to the girls -- so sweet! They're precious!