Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Today was Valentines Day and we enjoyed it as a family, then as a couple. We went to PF Changs as a family of 4. I have to say, that they did great. We made early reservations as not to disturb the romantic diners later. The girls were being very good. A woman, oh about 30, came over and said "I just want you to know, everyone is talking about you". I thought it was going to be something bad like "I can't believe she brought her kids here" or something to that effect. Instead it was "They are talking about how beautiful and well behaved your babies are". Wow! I felt so proud I almost cried. Cried! Of course I think they are great but to hear it is wonderful. After dinner, we came home, played with the girls for a little while, bathed them and put them in jammies. After their bottle we put them in bed and went out as a couple. We went to Barnes and Noble, had some desert, bought a book (for the girls, of course) and a magazine (for parenting lol) and took a drive. It was a very nice Valentines Day.


Okay so I stepped on the scale..I want to lose 42 pounds. Apparently, I've gained 2 more pounds :(. Ugh.

Okay so today I had 3 Shredded Wheat buscuits. (If you don't know, it kind of looks like a small bale of hay) in Fat Free milk for breakfast. For lunch, I had a ham and cheddar on wheat with a small Dr. Pepper..bad I know. I had 2 pieces of chocolate (remember it's Valentines Day) and for dinner I had 2 bites, er sips, of egg drop soup (ick), 2 lettuce wraps (yum-o) and beef and broccoli and a tiny shot glass with carrot cake in it. Oh and 3 blackberry jasmine ice teas (very yum-0). Then for desert (hey, it's Valentines Day lol) I had a small green tea Frap and a piece of cheesecake. Like I said, today doesn't count, It's Valentines Day :).

But we'll see what tomorrow brings :) because it's family day out and we are going to...Cracker Barrel! I love that resturant and I always get chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and corn. I chose a really bad weekend to start this diet thing.

I do have a history of weight loss. I lose it really easy but gain it back very easily. The dr said PCOS has some to blame, not watching what I eat and exercising is to blame as well. It seems I always get on this kick to lose the weight, I lose 30-40 pounds then fall off the wagon and it slowly comes back on. To do my final IVF, I lost 30 pounds, got pregnant, gained 40, lost 40 and have gained 20 pounds back in 5 months. 20 pounds in 5 months!!! It's my fault I know. Life was so busy trying to get used to twins that I let myself go. My husband doesn't care how much weight I gain (sadly) but I do.



Cassie said...

It sounds like all four of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Don't worry about spoiling yourself this weekend -- like you said, it's a special weekend. I think it's better to start things like that on a Monday, because Mondays always suck no matter what! LOL

Teri said...

Sounds like a great v-day, Tina! Your girls are so adorable! Good luck w/ your weight loss journey!