Saturday, April 9, 2011

A beautiful Saturday :)

Today was gorgeous! After Don left for work, I told the girls we were going to go to the library then the park. She crossed her arms and said "Mommy, we walk to park first". It was so cute. We loaded the stroller with our coats, water and books and started walking to the park. At the park, they enjoyed playing with 3 boys around their age. The library is about a 20 minute walk and I wasn't going to make them walk the whole way but they ended up walking most of it. We got some new books and headed back. I told them to sit because they looked tired and you know kids push themselves. We walked to daddys work and they got to have half a donut and some juice for a snack. Then we headed home for a much needed nap. Once we got up, we got changed and went to our friends house. We spent the entire afternoon at our playdate. We had dinner and everything was going well but Karly started complaining about ear pain. Sure enough, her ear is draining. We got home, took her temp and it's 102.2, so here we go again. The good thing is the ER doc told me she had a virus so unless her temp is still going on Monday, there is no reason to worry.

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Cassie said...

Sounds like a great day! But poor Karly with her ear...AGAIN!