Monday, April 25, 2011

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week ..

All babies are miracles of God. They are all gifts. However, some have to work harder than others to have a baby in their lives. I "know" many women who started trying before me and are still waiting to hold that gift from God. My heart aches for them because I remember thinking that I would never have a baby to hold. My girls are truly the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.

Tonight the girls, Don and I sat down to make silly hats for "Silly Hat Day" tomorrow. April is "Month of the Young Child" and this is the week we are celebrating the Young Child. Today was Silly Sock Day. Sock day, although cute, is usually the one everyone forgets because it's Monday. The girls remembered and got to wear the funniest socks. We had them pulled up over their pants so they could show them off. It was cute.

Lately I haven't been feeling well. Irritable, exhausted, feelings of uneasiness...

I weighed myself and saw I gained 4 pounds in just 3 days. I hadn't been anything out of the ordinary. I realized that I feel awful after I eat or drink anything that has a lot of sugar or anything high in carbs. I started worrying that I had diabetes.

I was told I have PCOS w/ Insulin resistance. That was part of my infertility. I've known it for years but never really researched it. I figured I knew enough. I started googling because I never gave it any thought but the insulin resistance is AKA Metabolic Syndrome and it described everything I've been feeling and the complications are scary. Heart Disease!! Diabetes! It's basically a short circuiting of your endocrine system. I had Donald pick up a blood sugar meter. I checked it at bedtime-94, fasting-98 and after eating a complete meal-112. I'm relieved to know as of now my sugar is in check but it was a wake up. I have go to do more to get this weight off.

I feel it's impossible. I do. I can't really eat anything. I can have salad. Tuna w/ no bread. Nothing with sugar, white flour or carbs. OYE!! It would be easier if I concentrated on what I can have. Fruits and veggies. Lots of them. No soda, not that I'm a big soda drinker now, but really no soda and the yoplait I eat every day has 33g of sugar so I'll be getting rid of those. I still have a small goal of 30 pounds, although I still need to lose the 42 I gained while pregnant and about 60 I gained since I've met Donald. So we'll start with 30 and see if I can accomplish that.

Wow this was a winded entry :)

Vacation is coming so soon. We are very excited to just get away as a family.


Cassie said...

I'm so glad you're taking steps to help yourself feel better, Tina! And Silly Sock Day and Silly Hat Day sound like tons of fun. What a blessing your sweet little girls are :)

The Lane Family said...

I have PCOS with insulin resistance as well and it is scary the further complications that come from this nasty issue. Not only do we deal with the challenges of having kids but we also have to deal with the things it can do to our bodies and the constant struggle to get our weight to a place we would like to be...granted the challenges with having precious children is much worse.

Thank you for sharing this is was wonderful and had forgotten it was National Inferitlity Week.